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Alabama Football vs. Chattanooga - Postgame Quotes



Nov. 23, 2013

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Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

Opening statement:

“We wanted to go out today and improve as a team, play better as a team, and play well for the seniors. It was a pretty emotional day today for a lot of those guys. For a lot of the guys in this senior class, for whatever reasons, The University of Alabama, for being a part of the team here really means a lot to them. For AJ [McCarron], C.J. [Mosley], Kevin Norwood and just about all of them. It’s kind of an emotional thing for me too at the end of the game because a lot of those guys have meant a lot to the program.

“About the game, we really wanted to go out and play well for those guys. Obviously, there are some things that we could’ve done better, but I was pleased with some of the progress that we made and the way our guys tried to go out and compete in the game.

“We have to give their players a lot of credit. They played hard and were well coached. They have an opportunity to maybe get into the playoffs, so they are kind of in limbo.

“We got to play a lot of players, which I think was a good thing for our guys. They’ve put in a lot of hard work all year and don’t get a lot of self-gratification for it on Saturday, so we very pleased about that.

“Our focus needs to immediately shift to the opportunities that we have created for ourselves in the games that we have in the future. Obviously, the one we have this week against Auburn is a very important game. They have a great team and have had a great season. It’s going to be important for everybody in our organization to make a commitment to doing their very best job and play our best football because that’s probably what it’s going to take to have success against a very good team.

“I was really happy with the fans that were here. They stayed and supported the players, supported the seniors, and I thought it was nice that the players could get around and sort of acknowledge the fans and show their appreciation for their support in the time that they’ve been here.”

On AJ McCarron’s pass to his brother Corey:

“AJ told me a long time he would like to throw a pass to his brother someday, so I told Coach Nussmeier at halftime to think of a play where we could put Corey and AJ in and have a chance to throw him the ball. That little boot pass was a pretty sure thing where you knew he was going to have a chance to be open. I think they were pretty excited about it. Of course AJ got on him because he didn’t make a better run after the catch, but I was happy to see it.”

On the senior class:

“The first thing I see is a bunch of good people that are going to have a very good opportunity to be successful in life at whatever they choose to do. Every one of those guys that got introduced out there, I don’t think one of them has ever been a problem in anyway in terms of their character or their attitude. They all have done extremely well academically. They all have worked hard to develop and improve as football players. As a coach, you want to see guys reach their full potential, and I can’t really say anyone of those guys has not worked hard to do that. They have provided a lot of positive leadership for this team, which is really appreciated. They have been very, very productive in terms of their success that they have had here and contributed a lot to that success, everybody to varying degrees, but every one of them important in their role.”

#10 AJ McCarron, Quarterback

On the game:

“It’s an emotional day. It’s been a great five years here. I hate for it to be over with, playing in this great stadium. It was a great win for us. We came out and handled business like we were supposed to. It was a good way to send all the seniors off.” 

On Kevin Norwood:

“Norwood and I always have a good connection. I always know where he’s going to be, and the timing of everything, so it always seems for him and me to work out. A lot of guys got into the end zone today, and that was good for us.”

#32 C.J. Mosley, Linebacker

On today’s performance in his final home game:

“For me, it was perfect. We came out with a shutout. It can’t get any better than that for a defensive player. We talked about this being a momentum game, going into next week and the rest of the season.”

On the defense’s play this season:

“I had fun this year, especially with this defense. I’ve known these guys since they were freshmen. I’m like the old head of the team now. I’m proud that I’ve led these guys this far, and we finished off the right way at home.”

On preparing for next week’s game:

“We need to focus on what we have to do to win the game and not worry about the hype around it. There’s going to be a lot of hype, especially with it being the Alabama-Auburn game. We just have to do what we have to do.”

Chattanooga Head Coach Russ Huesman

Opening statement:

“I thought our guys played hard. You play a great football team. You feel disappointed in losing a game, but Alabama has done that to a lot of people this year, last year and the previous year.

I don’t know if we could say ‘we played as good as we could.’ Five years ago we came in and had 84 yards total. Today we had 175 yards. We shouldn’t be doing backflips about that.

I thought our defense fought. They played as hard as they could. (Alabama) is a great football team and I hope they win the national championship.”

On going for it on fourth down on the 31

“Did you see our field goal? Did you see it? That should tell you something. I shouldn’t be shocked that we had the opportunity, we had another one that would have been from 49 yards. The disappointing thing was that we had an opportunity on third and one and we ran a reverse instead of just pounding it in there and getting the first down but instead we got a six-yard loss and got out of field goal range. So overall it is pretty disappointing.”

On the performance the freshman quarterback’s first game of the season.

“It looked like he was battling and fighting like he always does. I really couldn’t tell though, there was not a whole lot of room in there for him.

#1 Chaz Moore, Defensive Back

On the competition they faced compared to what they faced today:

“They prepared us well. That’s one of the most physical teams we’re going to see this year. No one in Division I-AA [Football Championship Subdivision] is going to be that big, that strong or that fast. We went out there and competed today, so when we play a Division I-AA [FCS] team, it should be a whole different ball game after coming out here and playing a team like Alabama.”

On his thoughts on their play overall:

“It wasn’t a great game by us. It’s Alabama; they beat everybody. We made some plays out there. To be a Division I-AA [FCS] team, as small as we are, we made plays and competed.  Offense, defense and special teams all competed.  I wouldn’t go to fight with anyone but my team.”

#6 Terrell Robinson, Quarterback

On his thoughts on their play:

“I don’t have much to say about the game. We lost 49-0, but at the same time we knew what we were up against this week - the No. 1 team in the nation. They’re blowing a lot of teams out this year. We just wanted to come in and compete today, and I think we did that.”

On his individual play:

“I feel pretty good. It was my first time at quarterback for a full game in a while. I think I handled the situation pretty well going against the No. 1 team in the nation. All week I was just telling myself, ‘Just get back to the basics, and do what you do and have fun.’”