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Alabama Football vs. LSU Postgame Quotes



Nov. 4, 2012

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Opening Statement...
"We really knew this would be a tough game. LSU played a great game. They had a great game plan. They did a great job of executing. I think their quarterback played really well. There was a stretch there in the second half where they converted seven straight third down and five or mores. We couldn't get off the field on third down, but our players competed in the game. We told our players, and it's kind of ironic, that they would have to overcome a lot of adversity to win a game here. And when things went bad and the momentum of the game changed, that's what we kept talking to them about. And they kept their poise, and they kept playing, and they kept competing. I've never been prouder of a bunch of guys to overcome adversity. It was obviously a good [final] drive in two-minute [offense]. We've never really had to use two-minute [offense], but we actually scored two touchdowns in two-minute offense - one before the half and one at the end of the game. Both teams really played hard and competed. I kind of told our guys at the end of the game that I've never been prouder of a bunch of guys for the way they competed in the game. I don't think we played our best game; I think they played an outstanding game. Our players can either take this one way or the other. This win is either going to affect them in a positive way or a negative way in terms of what they do in the future. They can focus on the things they didn't do and take the next challenge and continue to improve and be ready to play next week and prepare in practice next week, or they can say we're satisfied for what we did with ourselves. I'm really, really pleased and proud of them. That last drive was something that I'll never forget. Offense did a really good job of executing. There was a lot of tough football played out there - this was a very physical game. I'm going to tell you that our guys are probably going to be as sore as they've ever been after any game."

On trailing in the second half for the first time in two years and how the players responded...
"Our guys don't really look at the scoreboard. We're constantly coaching our guys not to look at the scoreboard, but I was really concerned not in the locker room at halftime - the energy was good. I told our guys that we're going to have to keep fighting in this game and keep punching until we knock them out. It's important that we go out there, start the second half and reestablish the tempo that we had in the first half - we didn't do that. We went three-and-out two-in-a-row. We had trouble stopping them defensively, but our guys don't really look at the scoreboard. We're always trying to get them to focus on playing their best, executing their best and doing the best they can together as a team. I'll tell you what, I'm really proud of these guys."


RB Eddie Lacy
On staying positive throughout the game... "We always stay positive. I mean, whenever we see a teammate getting down another teammate will pick them up. We got to stay positive. We can't allow anybody to get down because the fact that the guy's are playing (hard) on the field. So, we did a great job of staying positive, and we had a positive outcome."

On the last drive... "It was a quick drive, real fast. [Kevin] Norwood came up with big plays. T.J. [Yeldon] finished with a huge play."

On AJ McCarron's composure on the last drive... "He was locked in. He's always locked in every game, but it was something different this time, this drive. I mean, he knew he had to make plays. He got the plays in. He did exactly what he was supposed to do, made the right reads and made the right passes. You can't ask for anymore from AJ McCarron."

C Barrett Jones
On calling the screen on the last play... "I actually had a talk with coach. We were talking about what we wanted to run, me and Coach Stout [Stoutland]. I said screens have been there all night. He called it, and it was great. It reminded me of that drive we had in Auburn when we had a few big screens. It was fun."

On trailing in the second half for the first time in two years... "It was weird. I think we were calm the whole time. We never really panicked. It was a frustrating second half, really. I don't feel like we could have played worse in the second half. We didn't execute anything until the last 50 seconds of the game. Sometimes you have to win them like this, especially in a place like this. This is a great environment. What a night, something I'll never forget."


DB Dee Milliner
On tonight's game... "It was a very hard game. We needed a hard game. It was another great victory for us. We fought to the end."

On LSU's offensive success... "Their skill guys were making great plays. They did some formations that we hadn't seen yet. (Zach) Mettenberger made some great plays. The receivers got open and made great plays on the ball. You just have to overcome it."

LB C.J. Mosley
On LSU's offensive gameplan...
"We knew they were going to run the ball. It was going to be a battle in the trenches. At times, they got big plays. At times, we got big plays. It was all about the momentum change, and we came out with the win."

On tonight's game... "This was a game. Watching the offense come back with 51 seconds left and get the win is something I'll remember forever. It doesn't get better than that."

On defensive mistakes... "There are a lot of things we could have done better. There were a lot of missed assignments that we had. But when you miss an assignment or mess up on a play, you want to have a short memory and dominate the next play. You never know what is going to happen."

On LSU's offense... "They are a good, physical team. They run the ball right at you. You have to stop that, or they are going to make plays."