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Oct. 10, 2009

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Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban
Opening Statement...
"We only gave up three points in the game. The turnovers were huge in the game. The defense getting five turnovers today was probably the difference in the game relative to field position. Mark Ingram did a great job of gaining 100 yards against a very good defense team. Leigh Tiffin was perfect on the field goals and did a good job kicking off. This is probably the most complete team win we've had all year. I'm pleased and happy for our players. I can't tell you how proud I am of the effort and toughness and competitive character our players showed today to win this game."

On where Alabama is now compared to last year...
"We've got a good team. Our guys play hard and play together. I think there are a lot of things we can improve on. Can we stay focused on doing the things that we need to do to improve, to be as good as we can be? We cannot get complacent because that is the key to the drill. The passion to want to do it, the passion to stay with it, the passion to continue to go through the grind, and there are numerous teams every week that have a difficult time with that and don't play well. It's a challenge, it's not really human nature to do that, but it takes special people to do that. So far our team has answered every challenge and I'm pleased with that, but we have to continue to do it. This is like climbing a mountain. The higher you go, the more treacherous it gets. The focus has to be better, the execution has to be better and you have to continue to work and go through the grind to get there."

On the defensive pressure...
"We hit their quarterback just about every time in the first half and I think it affected him. In the second half we probably didn't execute as well. We made some errors and didn't cover some guys on screens, read some blitzes wrong, but we kept competing and got the turnover that could have put them back in the game. We got stops when we needed to and it was a really great defensive effort."

On offensive frustrations...
"We were very disappointed that we couldn't punch the ball in when we got into the red zone. You leave the other team in the game because you can't score touchdowns, especially on the road. I think you have to give their defense a lot of credit. They did a really good job and they had a really good game plan. They confused Greg (McElory) a couple times and did a good job disguising what they were doing. We didn't run the ball affectively enough to be able to run it in, but we need to do a job in the red zone."

Alabama Players

#28 DB Javier Arenas
Comparing this year's team to last year's
"I really don't like to compare the two, because we're in the present. We are just trying to get better each day and move forward. We are trying to work on things that we didn't do right the previous week. Thinking about last year would be a distraction."

Hits on Snead, whether they affected him
"Yes you could tell by some of the passes he was throwing. We know what type of quarterback he is, and we know what he is capable of. We were trying to get some hits on him and get him rattled. We could tell the difference in passing decision-making."

On if they changed up defense on Snead from last year
"We threw a couple of different things at him. If we did the same thing as last year, he would have picked us apart."

#62 DL Cody
On difference in 1st and 2nd half
"In the first half we just dominated. In the second half they started doing a lot of trick plays and changing up their offense."

On almost getting his first sack
"I was a little mad. If I would have gotten to him, I would have forced a fumble and we would have scored."

On getting pressure
"This whole season and the whole summer we got better as a defensive front, and we rush better than we did last year."

#13 LB Cory Reamer
"It was something I took personally. I have to get out there and go to work everyday, and prove I can be a part of this team. It's been something I've heard since I came to Alabama, that I wouldn't play much."


Ole Miss Head Coach Houston Nutt
Opening Statement
"I want to thank the crowd. I thought the crowd was just awesome. I hate that we didn't get them a victory. The bottom line is Alabama is an awfully good football team. We helped them. One thing that we didn't want to do was give them turnovers - you can't do that, especially to a good team. I thought our defense was outstanding. Our defense played from the first play to the last play - they played all the way through. It really hurt us when we lost Marshay Green in the second quarter. The way he's been playing corner; he's been awesome. That's a big loss. The bottom line is, I told our guys this is where we find out what we're really all about. I thought we were ready and excited, I thought we had two good weeks of practice. We ran into a really good football team and you just can't turn the ball over."

On the regression of the offense...
"I don't see how you could put last week with this week. Very few people score points against Alabama. Virginia Tech probably scored the most. The bottom line is Alabama is really good. You can't turn the ball over. You've got to come out with three points, seven points, you've got to get something. If we had scored one touchdown, then our defense goes to another level. I wouldn't say it's regression from the last two weeks. I think we got better the last two weeks. We ran into a real wall today. "

On the play of Jevan Snead...
"Coming in before the year, I think there was a lot of pressure put on him. He was talked about from the last six games of last year, then you win the Cotton Bowl. There was a lot of hype and expectation. We're missing a few players that we had last year. I think he knows and he'll be the first to tell you that he can play better. You just don't want to turn it over. That's been our biggest problem. He was getting a lot of pressure."

On Alabama's defense...
"This is the fastest defense if you went from 1-11. From corners to safeties to linebackers to defensive linemen, this is the best I've seen."

On some of Jevan's interceptions...
"The first one was overthrown. There's a couple that he doesn't get all the credit for. Shay Hodge got one taken from him. You've got to make those plays. Let's don't give him all of the four. It's a team thing. The receivers have got to help him a little bit there, too."

Ole Miss Players

#86 DE Greg Hardy
On their offense
"We were trying to be a team and get back there (in the backfield). We were trying to make it easier for the defensive backs. We got back there, it just wasn't enough."

On their Red zone defense
"We fought, tried to keep our composure and put out the fire. We didn't hold them scoreless, but at least to only field goals. We did that very well."

On going forward
"We need to work on a lot of tackling and forcing turnovers to try to put the offense in a better position to score. Overall, the defense is doing what we can."

#20 S Johnny Brown
On Julio Jones

"We weren't just focused on containing Julio (Jones). We were focusing on stopping Alabama from scoring. If that meant stopping Julio that's what we tried to do."

On going forward
"We need to work on tackling and getting the ball out and forcing more turnovers."

#6 CB Jeremy McGee
On defense
"The defense played pretty well. We got put in some situations, and had to fight back hard. We rose to the occasion. We fought back. It was a tough position we were in."

On his forced fumble and recovery
"I was just doing what I was taught to do. One guy comes in to make the tackle and the other guy strips the ball. I did my assignment."

#22 Dexter McCluster
On the offensive rhythm in the second half
"By that time it was too late. We have to find a way; we have to talk to each other. We have to find a way to put it together. We know we are a better offense than we showed. We are not showing it right now, but that's something we need to do. I am not sure what it is, but we need to figure it out and get it rolling."

On Alabama's defense
"Alabama played good defense. They tried to out-physical us. The defensive backs tried to jam us. We just have to execute."

On his shoulder
"Everything is fine. I got a little blur in my right eye."

#3 WR Shay Hodge
On Alabama's defense
"I think they played pretty good. They are the best defense we are going to play. They're pretty physical. They were more technique sound."

On looking ahead to next week
"We have to get in the film room and get better. What we're doing on offense is not acceptable. We have to find out what went wrong. We have to go practice and get better."