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Alabama Football vs. Ole Miss Postgame Quotes



Sept. 28, 2013

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Head Coach Nick Saban

Opening statement:

"This is a big win for us in my opinion. I think our players did a great job of competing in the game. There were a lot of tough circumstances like stops in the red area and fourth down stops.

"Ole Miss has a really good team and a really good offensive team, so for us to shut them out was a great job by the defense. So many players out there played a lot of plays, and they all did a good job. [They had] critical fourth down stops and did well on third down.

"Offensively, I was really pleased with the way they hung in there. We didn't run it very well in first half, but did a better job in the second half. We did a good job on third down and kept drives alive. Obviously, we'd be happy if we scored more points. We probably had too many occasions where we stopped ourselves, like a penalty, and that creates some missed opportunities for us.

"All in all, I was really pleased and proud of the way our players competed in this game. We knew this was going to be a dog fight, and we knew it was going to be a tough game. Our players did a really, really good job of being relentless out there with their effort, their toughness, the way they competed in the game.

"C.J. Mosley really did a great job of leading the defense. He was really fired up about playing in this game, and he did a great job. The [defensive] front did a great job. We were able to play a lot of split safety coverages out there, which helped us from giving up big plays and we were still able to stop the run, which is really critical in terms of how well the front played. We got some turnovers when we needed them.

"I was really excited and pleased with the job our team did, the way they hung in there in the game. You can be critical about kicking three field goals, can be critical about a lot of things, but if you're critical it's only because you have expectations for something that this team still needs to improve. I think everybody is committed to trying to do that. That’s what we’re going to be committed to."

#2 DeAndrew White, wide receiver

On the offense in tonight's game:

"It's all about the win. We weren’t really focused on big plays – we were focused on executing our routes and protections. We just focused on the win."

#8 Jeoffrey Pagan, Defensive line

On the intensity tonight:

"We looked at it as a challenge, as we were being hunted. With all the things that Ole Miss was saying, we took it personal and we wanted to come out and dominate the game and the line of scrimmage."

On C.J. Mosley’s leadership:

"He played really well. He got the calls to us and he was really loud. There were really tough situations and he did a great job with communication."

On the key to the game:

"It was just coming together as a team – playing team football. Alabama football."

#43 Cade Foster, Kicker

On his game:

"I think I have shown improvement and I still have a lot to work on. Kickoffs weren't where I wanted them to be tonight, but I was really happy with the way I kicked field goals and had a great long snapper in Cole Mazza – he had an issue with a snap on a punt in the first quarter, but after that he really grinded it out and his snaps where perfect all night."

On his day-to-day routine:

"Day-to-day is different, it depends on what special teams Coach Saban has during practice, but on a typical day I would average up to 20 kicks. I try to keep the majority of them inside 45 yards, because that's where the majority of the kicks come from. Kickoffs – I try and limit those because they are a lot more taxing on the body."

Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze

Opening statement:

"Well, obviously it's disappointing.  We really felt good about our preparation. We felt like we had shot to get this thing deep into the game and be in it, and would have loved to have had that opportunity.  But hats off to Coach (Nick) Saban and Alabama, they totally took it to us.  We did not have answers to the stuff they were doing defensively.  That's very frustrating and I take that pretty personal.  I'm proud of our kids' effort, particularly defensively. I thought they fought, but they had to stay on the field way too much.  We gave up some explosive plays that you can't do when playing them (Alabama). But that's a very good football team and they did a good job of switching things up on us.  They had the right call every single time when it seemed like we had an answer.  We never could get in tempo in the first half. It's just disappointing, not what I anticipated happening tonight, obviously.  But it did, so we have to go back and regroup.  We have a difficult stretch of games and we can't let this one get us next week.  We have to go back and put it in the trash can tomorrow after we watch it and move on."

On Alabama's defensive performance:

"They beat us on some one-on-ones up front, on runs that we thought should have been good. When you're not running the ball effectively against great teams, it makes for a long night. It makes it very difficult. They did a really nice job of mixing things up, keeping us off balance for sure, and disguising things. It seemed like every time we thought we had a beat on them, we missed something we thought should have been good and they had it played perfectly. It was a difficult night. They did a great job planning and it's frustrating."

On the interception on fourth down:

"Yeah, they triggered on us on the fourth and one. They triggered extremely hard, and then we come back and get in the red zone. I love Laquon Treadwell, he's a great kid, a great player and a great kid to coach. Every day we worked on that play we worked it two ways, and if anyone dropped, just tuck the ball and run it. He should have run it. The corner kind of dropped and we would have probably gotten five yards and kept moving, but we didn't.  Obviously I didn't do a good enough job of coaching him up on that one."

#25 Cody Prewitt, Free Safety

On what he takes away from this game:

I think we're a lot better than we were last year. We made fewer mistakes than we did last year. We definitely still have some work to do, but we haven't lost any confidence whatsoever. We know that this was the number one team in the nation and they're number one for a reason. We knew that we'd have to play almost a perfect game and we know we made some mistakes. I don't feel like our confidence was broken. We're going to fix our mistakes and have our heads held high going into Auburn."

On his interception tonight:

"On that play, we ran a type of Cover Two (coverage). (Outside Linebacker) Serderius Bryant was able to get under the number two receiver just perfectly and made the receiver pop the ball up. I was just in the right place at the right time. I would credit that just as much to Serderius Bryant as to me."

On handling the amount of time the defense spent on the field:

"In hindsight we're tired, but when we're out there we don't feel that. We're going to play the next play, and we're going to play it 100 percent. During the game, I feel our defense doesn't get fatigued, and I'm really proud of our defense for that."

On opportunity to have a 4-1 record after next weekend's game:

"It's very important, especially after this game. We really need to bounce back for Rebel Nation and for ourselves to show that we haven't lost that confidence. We're still every bit as confident as we were before this game."