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Colorado State: Game Quotes



Sept. 21, 2013

Alabama Football vs. Colorado State Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Nick Saban

Opening statement:

"You know I think this team has responded to whatever negative circumstance they have had to face. We didn't play very well on offense in the first game but played better in the second game. We played pretty well on defense in the first game, but not very well in the second game. We played a little better tonight. We get in a game, and we're behind 14-0. We go on during the next three quarters on a 42-7 run, so we get the game to 42-21. We get complacent again, and next thing you know it's 49-42, so we might be able to go dictate with our intensity, sense of urgency, preparation, and everything we have to do to be more dominant and more consistent in a game. I don't think we did that tonight, and that was our goal going into the game.

"You have to give Colorado State a lot of credit. Their players played hard and [Coach McElwain] did a great job in terms of having his guys prepared. They did a lot of screens and jump stuff that we hadn't really prepared for.

"We had a bunch of new guys playing in the secondary. Offensively, we couldn't run the ball with any consistency or effectiveness. Even though we did a pretty good job passing, it had to be four or five times that we moved the ball down the field and got just outside the red zone, and we had something happen like throw an interception, miss a field goal, make a field goal, get sacked. Just too many negative plays, and I think most of the time people have a real sense of urgency and they have a lot of mental energy. They need to have the willingness to prepare and do the things they need to do so that they can play with consistency and bring it to the game. That's what we're looking for. We have not done that with consistency this year, and I don't think we did it tonight so we're going to keep working on it.

"We obviously have a difficult game coming up next week, and we need to get it right. We didn't do a very good job on third down. We couldn't run the ball, couldn't finish a lot of drives, and consequently, they stayed in the game, and we could never put them away. They had an opportunity to play a lot of players, but for us we didn't have the opportunity to do that, even though we did get to play quite a few.

"We had at least half-dozen guys out of the game tonight. I told you on Wednesday that [Anthony] Steen would play in the game. He practiced Wednesday and Thursday. He had a headache today during pregame, and we just felt like we weren't going to take a chance on playing him. [Amari] Cooper's toe was bothering him, so we just said we're not going to push and we're not going to take a chance. Nick Perry hurt his shoulder in practice. Jarrick Williams got poked in the eye in the last game. It actually bled and he lost his vision. He was not cleared to play or practice, and he will be re-examined on Monday. You knew Deion Belue and Kevin Norwood were out.

"We played about five guys at cornerback and just kind of rotated them in there with the idea of we're going to see if somebody can play the position with any kind of consistency, do their assignment, and do their job. That's an area we need to get better at. It would sure be helpful if we can get Deion [Belue] back.

"It was a win and you have to give the other team a lot of credit. Their players played with a lot of heart, but I'm not satisfied with where we are as a team. We need to continue to focus on improvement and do a lot better job as a football team if we're going to be kind of team we are capable of being."


#2 DeAndrew White, Wide Receiver

On the receivers stepping up in tonight's game:
"We all practice the same amount, so we were able to step in and contribute to the team when our name is called."

On Colorado State:
"I give a lot of credit to those players. They came out to try and win the game, and that's what you're supposed to do."

#32 C.J. Mosley, Linebacker

On making corrections after this game:
"They're going to start Sunday and Monday. I have confidence in our guys. We have players who have been in this situation before. We have players that have enough experience to know what to do. We just have to make sure all the guys buy in."

On adjusting to Colorado State's offense:
"They were throwing sideline-to-sideline. Some of the younger guys aren't used to adjusting and getting the calls right. This gives them a lot of experience, so hopefully they'll build off this momentum."

Head Coach Jim McElwain

Opening statement:

"I am really proud of how hard our guys played. I thought our defense particularly came out and wouldn't take no for an answer. Our offense, for the most part, took care of the ball, which is what we thought we had to do. When we did turn the ball over, they would get a big play. AJ (McCarron) would make a great throw and they would jump on it at the end. I think from a playing standpoint, we wanted to keep the ball out of their hands as much as we could. From a time-of-possession standpoint, we wanted to shorten the game a little bit. Alabama is a great football team. I can't tell you how proud I am of our guys. We gave a cheap touchdown in special teams. We talked about that earlier this week and the factors that can't happen. They would get a cheap one late.

"The University of Alabama is an unbelievable place. The outpouring for me personally from so many people meant so much to myself and my family. Alabama is a class place. At the same time, I am very proud of my team."

On the reason for the outcome:

"We'll look on film, because it wasn't only Alabama. Our guys stood toe-to-toe. We didn't take advantage on offense like I thought we should. What did we learn? We learned that a loss hurts. We have to come back from this and prepare for UTEP."

On what to take away from the loss:

"We challenged our guys to come in here and go toe-to-toe. I think the guys on the other sideline have earned some respect for Colorado State Rams and how hard we played the game. It's disappointing."

On seeing the players he coached at Alabama:

"I had to catch myself a little bit. Those guys meant a lot to me. I loved them and I'm just so proud of them. Guys like Kenny (Bell), AJ (McCarron), Christion (Jones), and on and on - they were a big part of my life. I owe a lot to them, and I'm proud to be able to say I was their coach at one time."

On the blocked punt:

"We have to correct it. We try to prepare them for what kind of opponent they're facing. Until you get out there and see the speed and size of the opponent, it is an eye-opener."

#56, Shaquil Barrett, Linebacker

On having an opportunity to come in and play Alabama:
"It's always good to come in as an underdog and be able to prove the people that doubt us wrong. We weren't able to do that tonight so that's why it probably hurts a little bit more right now."

On losing the fumble:
"It hurts, but as a defense we have to come out and just play and not worry about what happened the play before that."

On growing up as a team:
"We grew up a lot today. We had an opportunity to compete with the best team in the country, and compare ourselves to them. We wanted to showcase our talent, and I feel like this will help our season a lot. People will know that we are capable of playing good defense and we can move the ball offensively. We just need to manage the penalties and small mistakes out there and we will be a great team."

#18 Garrett Grayson, Quarterback

On the fumble then Alabama scoring:
"That was hard and I kind of let the team down with that one. I was just trying to make a play. I have to be more secure with the ball and take care of it. I think that hurt us. In situations like that, the offensive coordinator on the other team is going to come out immediately and try to take a shot. They did, and it was a back breaker."

On the mood of the team:
"We were ready to go in the fourth quarter; our emotions were through the roof. By that time we realized we were playing with the number one team in the country and we realized that we can play with them. I don't think the score at the end of the game shows how close it really was, because I felt like it was a lot closer. We were ready to go on that drive and we just had some personnel issues and I just tried to make a play."

On what was said to the team at halftime:
"We came in and coach Mac (Jim McElwain) talked to us and said we can play with these guys. Obviously we came out that first half, and maybe some guys had the jitters, but for the most part after those first couple of series that we could play with these guys. There was nothing to be afraid of. We know that they are a good time and we want to give them their respect. Coach Mac's biggest thing was to make us realize that we were playing with the number one team in the country."