Tide Basketball Players Share Their Favorite Halloween Costumes


Thursday, October 31, 2002

Kenny Walker's costume was ghostly in nature

TUSCALOOSA – Happy Halloween from the Crimson Tide men’s basketball team. Here the Tide players share their favorite costumes from their “Trick or Treating” childhood.

Terrance Meade, SR, Guard, Scottsboro: “Mr. T. I was about eight years old. I had the mask, the jewelry. I‘d put my arms out like he did. And I went around saying, ‘I pity the fool’ but that got a little old fast so I quit saying it.”

Demetrius Smith, JR, Guard, Hogansville, Ga.:  “I was in high school the last time I dressed up. I put on a ‘Scream’ mask and wore all black.”

Jason Reese, SO, Guard, Indian Springs:  “I was a blue M&M two years ago. My favorite costume when I was little was a pirate. I was about eight years old. I had a bandana, clip earrings and drawn on whiskers.”

Earnest Shelton, SO, Guard, Memphis, Tenn.:  “Football player.”

Evan Brock, FR, Forward, Roswell, Ga.:  “My ninja outfit. I was about five. And my Harlem Globetrotters uniform.” (Evan’s dad, Ernie Brock, played for the Globetrotters with Curly Neal and Meadowlark Lemon).

Kenny Walker, SR, Center/Forward, Jacksonville, Fla.: “Momma gave me a sheet, cut out two holes in it for eyes and I walked out the door.”

Erwin Dudley, SR, Forward, Uniontown:  “Trick or treat? We didn’t do that in Uniontown.”

Chuck Davis, FR, Forward, Selma:  “Dracula.”

Reggie Rambo, JR, Forward, Lena, La.:  “Superman. I was about eight years old.”

Lucky Williams, FR, Guard/Forward, Lagos, Nigeria: “We didn’t have Halloween in Nigeria.”

Antoine Pettway, JR, Guard, Alberta:  “Superman.”

Emmett Thomas, JR, Forward, Birmingham:  “Thundercats. I used to love Thundercats.”

Mo Williams, SO, Guard, Jackson, Miss.:  “Freddie Krueger. I think I was nine.”

Kennedy Winston, FR, Forward, Mobile: “I’m a Jehovah’s Witness, so I didn’t dress up for Halloween.”

Mark Gottfried, Head Coach:  “Batman.”

Sammy Jackson, Assistant Coach:  “Frankenstein. The old school Frankenstein that was really scary.”

Philip Pearson, Assistant Coach: “A football player.”

Orlando Early, Assistant Coach:  “Spiderman.”

Darron Boatright, Director of Basketball Operations:  “John Travolta---Danny Zuko from Grease, and Joe Lindsey, SEC official.”