Trevor Releford Preparing for 2014 NBA Draft



June 6, 2014

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Former Alabama point guard Trevor Releford has been working out for several NBA teams in preparation for the NBA Draft 2014 presented by State Farm, which will be held in Brooklyn at Barclays Center on Thursday, June 26. The event will be televised live on ESPN.

On Friday, Releford had a workout with the Utah Jazz - the third team that has invited him for a private workout thus far (also worked out for the Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls). Fans can CLICK HERE to see Releford address the media following his workout with the Jazz.

Recently, contacted Releford for a Q&A, covering everything from receiving his diploma to what are his plans for draft night. Below is the full transcript:

On what it was like to earn his degree and attend graduation ceremony in Tuscaloosa back in May:

"Coming back to Tuscaloosa and walking across the stage to receive my diploma was a huge accomplishment. One of the reasons I wanted to finish out my four years at Alabama was for that moment. I can say that I played all four years and graduated which many people can't say these days. It was a special moment for me and my mother." 


On what's he's been up to since the season ended:

"I have been up in Indianapolis since a week after the SEC Tournament. I've been working out and doing weights up here at a place called Saint Vincent's Sports Performance. I've been up here with a couple of other guys who left early or already finished school. We've been up here working hard and getting in the best shape possible for these team workouts."


On which teams he has worked out for thus far:

"I have worked out with both Houston (Rockets) and Chicago (Bulls) and I had Utah today (Friday). I think I have four or five more workouts after that. I'm not sure about the schedule or the other teams off the top of my head, but I have a total of seven or eight workouts with teams. Those workouts will lead all the way up to the draft and then I'll head back home and see what happens."


On what his plans are for draft night:

"I planning on watching the draft from my home. My brother (former Kansas guard Travis Releford), my friends and all of my family will be back there so that will be the best place for me to watch. If I do get drafted, it would be great to have everyone there around to see it. If not, it will still be a good moment knowing I have had the opportunity to work out with a bunch of different teams which will only help me in my career."


On if he grew up rooting for a specific team that would be his dream to play for:

"Whatever team needs a point guard would be my team (laughs). Wherever I go where I can help out an organization I will be happy about. I don't really have a favorite team, only favorite players. I don't have an NBA team in my home town (Kansas City), so I grew up rooting for my favorite players instead of specific teams. Whatever team likes me, I like them too!"


On getting the opportunity to work out for NBA teams that he grew up watching:

"The whole process is pretty cool. Just knowing you have an opportunity to get drafted, which is something I have been working all my life to be in this position. Just knowing it's only a couple of weeks away from that is cool. To work out in front of some of the coaches you see on television is a little nerve-racking sometimes but it's been a great experience."


On if he's heard from any of his Alabama teammates or coaches recently:

"I hear from coach (Anthony) Grant probably a couple of times a week. He just checks in on how the process is going and if there is anything he can help with. All the guys (teammates) watched me when I played in the Portsmouth Invitational and they are always texting me, checking on me and seeing how things are going. Everybody has been keeping in contact."