Meet the Tide: Freshman Guard Justin Jonus


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Justin Jonus

By Adam Blevins, UA Media Relations

When someone thinks about a basketball player, many different qualities come to mind:  tall, athletic and accurate. But what about a player who has all these qualities and ranks 9th all time in the state of Alabama in points scored, was the two time 4A Player of the Year and can catch a 10 lb. 8 oz. bass with ease? Well, you’ve just met Alabama guard Justin Jonus.

Jonus, a graduate of Douglas High School in Marshall County, is making his presence felt on the court. Playing for his father, Kirk Jonus, at Douglas, Jonus averaged 23.7 points, 10.5 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game in his senior season. Showing that he has all the makings of a great player, Jonus is using his early experience here at Alabama to improve his game and hone his three-point shot.

Your teammates tell me you are an avid fisherman, what is your trophy catch?

“I have a 10lb 8oz on my wall. I caught it when I was five years old. Fishing is my life. It’s my favorite thing in the world. I have about 10 poles and a boat at the house.”

Following in former Tide starting center Jeremy Hays; footsteps from Marshall County who was quite the local celebrity, is it fun being the new “local celebrity”?

“Yeah. It’s a pretty big thing. I’ll go home and watch my dad’s high school team and everyone will be coming up to me and talking. Sometimes its gets kind of repetitive, but I’m not complaining. It’s cool. I enjoy it. I actually have talked with Jeremy some, and hopefully soon we will be able to go fishing together.”

Being part of the Elite 8 run last season must have been special for you even though you were a redshirt and had to watch from the bench. What were some of the key experiences for you during the season?

“Just really getting through the season as a redshirt. We worked out everyday, practiced everyday and then we would work out again.  It was really rough, but I am glad I got through that season and got through it healthy because I got better. That’s the main thing, that I became a better player.”

Some people have pre-game rituals. What is your way of getting focused?

“Sit at the house, relax, maybe run to (a local outdoors store), something like that. Then I come to the game, shoot around early, then relax and get ready.”