Meet the Tide: Freshman Guard Albert Weber


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Albert Weber

By Drew Godfrey, UA Media Relations

Freshman guard Albert Weber provides yet another threat to opposing teams’ attempts to stop the Tide’s outside scoring this season. Weber has hit 20.7 percent of his three-point attempts for the Crimson Tide team that led the SEC in three-point shooting percentage this season. In the following interview, the Marrero, Louisiana native talks about his decorated high school career and the mark he hopes to leave on Alabama basketball. 

You share a similar name and number with NBA star Chris Webber. Is that coincidence? What do you think about his recent trade to the 76ers?

“Yeah, it’s a coincidence because of the name and I just like the number four. I think he and AI (Allen Iverson) will fit well together. “

Speaking of NBA stars, you graduated from the same high school Tracy McGrady attended. What was that like? Did you ever meet T-Mac?

“I met him once. He and Grant Hill came down for a game. It was really nice. We just had conversation about life in the NBA and life in general. “

In high school, you played AAU ball as well as prep basketball. Did that help prepare you to play in the collegiate ranks?

“Definitely. I think playing against the best players in the country definitely got me ready.”

You were ranked as one of the top 50 recruits nationally coming out of high school. What made you decided to play for the Tide?

“The fact that it’s close to home, my mom and my family liked the school. Plus, going to the Elite Eight last year and wanting to play for a winning program helped me make the decision.”

What is the one thing you hope people will say about you/remember you for when you leave the University of Alabama?

“I want people to remember me as the guy who would do anything to help his team. I like to shoot the three-ball and I’d like people to remember me as a three-pointer shooter who is going to take that big shot when the game in on the line. “