Meet the Men's Basketball Team: Freshman Brandon Hollinger


Friday, March 10, 2006

Brandon Hollinger

By: Emily Screws
UA Media Relations

Brandon Hollinger is off to an impressive start to what all Tide fans know will be an exciting career at the University of Alabama.  This freshman standout from then nationally ranked LeFlore High School in Mobile has proven he has what it takes to help the Crimson Tide team succeed.  In just his first year, Hollinger has earned a starting spot through his hard work and dedication.  After departures and injuries, Hollinger has stepped up and proven to be an asset for the Tide.          

Do you still talk to your high school teammates? (Five of his senior year teammates signed college scholarships).
“Oh yeah I still talk to all of them, especially after every game they call me.  I talk to them everyday.  We talk about each other.  How we’ve played in the games.  It’s not a competitive thing; we are just helping each other out.  Some of my old teammates will tell me things I need to do to help my team.”

Why did you choose the University of Alabama?
“It’s close to home for me.  It’s a good program, I knew I could come here and help the team.  Those were my big reasons.”

How does it feel to be starting as a freshman?
“I never thought if would happen because I’ve got Ron Steele playing in front of me, which is an All-SEC point guard.  I thought I was just going to come and help him out at the point guard position.  To be starting is really big for me; it’s just a present from God I guess.” 

What’s your favorite memory so far from your freshman season?
“The thing I’ll remember in the future is when we won the game against Vanderbilt.  We were practicing that play in practice (launching a long cross court “bomb”), and the coaches don’t know, but the players were thinking ??That’s not going to ever happen, its never going to work’.  The next day at the game, the same situation we did at practice was the same situation we were in during the game. And it worked. It’s what helped us win.”

If you were the coach of your own college team and could pick any player in the country, who would your starting five be?
“Rudy Gay, JJ Redick, Adam Morrison, Ronald Steele as my point guard, and Marco Killingsworth”

How do you get focused for your games?
“I just think about the game.  I watch game film the night before of games we already have played, so I won’t make the same mistake that I made the last game.  I just watch game film and then when I come to the gym we have music playing in the locker room.  The only thing we do is listen to music and focus on what we need to do.”