Meet the Tide: Junior Forward Chuck Davis


Friday, February 25, 2005

Chuck Davis

by Adrienne Betts, UA Media Relations

Mark’s Madness is doing it.  Members of “Thefacebook,”  an online campus directory are doing it.  And apparently, his teammates are doing it, too.  “Riding that Chuck-wagon all the way to St. Louis,” they hope, that is.  Crimson Tide junior forward Chuck Davis not only fulfilled, but exceeded all expectations last year when he stepped in as a sophomore starter for the Tide and not only helped lead Alabama to the 2004 Elite-8, but was voted All-Phoenix Regional along the way.  This season, Chuck has continued to excel, averaging 14.3 points and 7.0 rebound per game, stats that rank among the top of the Southeastern Conference in both scoring and rebounding.  But Chuck deserves praise for what he has done off the court, too.  He will be graduating with a degree in management in August after only three years at the Capstone. Clearly, Chuck has much to be proud of.

Recently before one of the Tide’s practice sessions, Chuck took a couple of minutes so we can get to know him better.

What’s the story behind the headband?

“In 10th grade I couldn’t catch the ball.  My coach noticed that I kept wiping my hands on my face and told me to wear the headband.  I’ve been wearing it ever since; I have no problems catching the ball anymore!”

You have a couple of tattoos.  Which is your favorite?

“The one on my right arm.  It is of Jesus on the cross.  Coming from a religious background, that’s really important to me.  It reminds me  that God sent his son to give us eternal life.”

You’re set to graduate soon, one year early.  How does that feel?

“It has been difficult, but I’m happy to get it done.  I’m here for an education and for basketball, so I spend the summers here, taking interim classes and  stuff.  But I also get to lift weights and work on my game during the summer when I’m taking the classes that have helped me finish my coursework ahead of time, so it’s been a good tradeoff.”

What did you work on most during the off season?

“I worked on my body, trying to get stronger.  On the court, I worked to try to improve every aspect of my game.”

If you had your own college basketball team, who would be your starting five?

“Chuck Davis, Kennedy Winston, Ron Steele, Earnest Shelton and Jermareo Davidson.  No one else, that’s all I need.”