Alabama Coach and Player Quotes



Feb. 11, 2013


On physical games becoming a national issue:

“You know, you’re hearing that a lot. A lot of different TV personalities are talking about it and it seems like it’s caught everyone’s attention. I think the game is a physical game, no question about it. This league plays a physical brand of basketball. We expect it to be another physical game with Georgia's style of play and obviously we’re going to try and do a good job of matching that. Whether it’s a national trend or not, there’s different brands of basketball and different styles of play across the country and we expect a physical game."

On what you do when shots aren’t falling:

“It’s no secret that we’ve struggled from an offensive standpoint the last few games. There’s ebbs and flows over the course of a game. There is ebbs and flows over the course of a series of games, so I think the thing that we want to do is to get good shots. For us, we need to understand that no matter what happens on the offensive end, it can’t affect our focus and effort on the defensive end. As long as we continue to play to our identity from a defensive standpoint and do the things that we need to do, we feel like we’ll have a chance in any game that we play.”

On Kentavious Caldwell-Pope:

“I think if you look at the success they’ve had of late, it is a direct result of some of the things that he’s done. If you look at his efficiency I want to say he’s shooting close to 60 percent in those five games, about 50 percent from the three-point line. He’s one of the best defenders as well in terms of what he does whether it’s rebounding or guarding the other team’s top scorer. I think he’s done a lot for his team. At the same time, when you look at Georgia you have to look at their team. They’re playing 11 guys and those guys seem to understand exactly what they need to do. Offensively to maintain their efficiency and defensively they’ve done a really good job. If you look at their defensive field goal percentage, they’re holding their opponent to about 37 percent. Obviously, he’s their team leader in terms of the things he provides, but I think their whole team has played well during this stretch.”

On not fouling late in games while up three:

“In specific, the LSU game, there was about 1.3 seconds left in the game. We didn’t have timeouts. The ball was the length of the floor. That was a situation of where the inbounded the ball, it was going to be a tough shot for them to make. We talked about it afterwards. I think I told you guys after the game, there was going to be a lot of things we could take away from it and talk about as a team and learn from. Certainly we take no options off the table at the end of the game. There will be situations where it may be best to foul. Those are situations that we have to work on, we have to talk about, we have to practice. People talk about at home that they should do this, they should that, but in the heat of the moment you have to make sure. You don’t want to foul someone in the act of shooting and give them three free-throws. You want to make sure the situation, time and score is right with something like that. I feel like the other day with 1.3 remaining and especially where they inbounded it, it didn’t make any sense to foul. Had they had a play where they may have gone closer to the rim, maybe then it would make a little bit more sense.”

On if milking the clock when the team plays half-court offense is a way for the players to catch their breath:

“No, that’s not something that we do by design. Obviously, you have to take into account that the other teams are scouting, the other teams are doing a good job, they’re trying awfully hard defensively, just like we do, to take away some things that maybe we want to get early in the clock. I want our guys to be aggressive. I want our guys to be efficient. We have to make sure that we’re taking good ones and play within who we are and what we do. In no way is it intentional that we’re trying to milk the clock or anything like that.”

On how tough it is to win road games:

“Obviously, when you go on the road you’re in a hostile environment, and the other team’s fans are cheering hard for them. Certainly I know it helps us when we’re at home to have our fans behind us. I think the biggest thing for me as a coach is the type of focus that our guys walk into the building with, and where we are from a mental standpoint. I think that is so critical. The mental approach that you come with when you’re on the road, and understanding what you’re walking into and what’s going to be required. Sometimes, especially for young guys, it’s hard to really grasp that and understand that over the course of the season. I didn’t feel like we did a very good job in our last one. We have had games where we’ve understood that and we’ve gone in and done well. It’s just a matter of trying to capture that and understand that you have to have a different mentality because of the different factors that are involved when you go on the road.”

Sophomore Guard Levi Randolph

On what happens when the team’s shots are not falling

“We just have to stay the course and if shots are not falling or things are not going well on offense then we have to keep our effort up and keep playing defense.”

Factors to winning in a rival gym

There are a lot of distractions when you go on the road, but the mental aspect of the game is what is important. You have to focus in and come ready to play. It’s the players and the coaches on the court controlling everything. You just have to focus and play the game.

Senior guard Andrew Steele

On what happens when the team’s shots are not falling

“[Coach Grant] always tells us to trust our preparation and work extremely hard. He always stresses to take good [shots]. You can’t always control whether they go in or not but we can affect how we defend, because that is always in our control. I think we just have to keep the right mindset and as long as we are taking good [shots] they will eventually fall. ”

On the physical aspect of the game escalating

“Not necessarily, some people may not realize that basketball is extremely physical but it is. There is a lot of screening; especially in our league it is very physical. I don’t think that it is more or less physical I just think that there are different issues that come up that bring more attention to the issue than it has had in the past. I personally don’t notice that much of a difference.”

Factors to winning in a rival gym

“[Coach Grant] always tells us to focus on what is going on in between the lines no matter how their crowd is. They can’t come on the court and play. It is five of our guys against five of their guys. No matter what happens we have to focus on what we have to do to win. We try to focus so much on what we have to do on the court to win that sometimes I think we subconsciously block out everything else.”