Alabama-LSU Postgame Quotes



Feb. 9, 2013

Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant

Opening statement:

"It's a good win. We survived. We knew LSU would fight all the way through and they did that, making it a one  possession game at the end, but fortunately we were able to come up with a couple of stops on a couple of possessions and survive."

On putting Retin Obasohan in the game:

"Retin is a guy that comes every day. He works hard in practice and I just felt he could give us a boost. I thought he would do a good job from a defensive standpoint and he's earned it. He's earned the opportunity to play and we wanted to give him that opportunity today."

On playing through certain situations:

"I thought the whole key for us was what we did on the defensive end. Obviously we missed in the first half - I think it was nine layups - shots in the paint. We struggled from an offensive standpoint, but I thought really, in both halves, our guys did a great job from the defensive stand point. Give LSU credit, I thought Johnny O'Bryant was terrific today. He was aggressive going to the rim. He did a good job getting to the glass as well. But I though defensively, for us, we did really great."

Junior Guard Trevor Releford

On how he would sum the game up:

"We just kept fighting. They punched back, and we just stayed the course and kept playing. We're just happy to get the win."

On Nick Jacobs' performance:

"Nick Jacobs was huge tonight. He had some tough rebounds. He made his free throws at the line. When Nick Jacobs plays like that, we're a tough team to beat."

On struggles at the free throw line:

"We know we've got to work on that in practice. When Coach (Anthony Grant) tells us to get to the line for free throws, we've got to take it seriously. In another game, we probably won't be lucky enough to win, and it'll probably come down to free throws. We've just got to take our time next time and make them."

On how to manage field goal droughts:

"We're executing at the beginning of the game. I think we had some good shots, they just weren't falling. Next game they will and it'll probably be a better situation."

Louisiana State University Head Coach Johnny Jones

Opening Statement:

"We knew coming in that it was going to be a hard fought battle and game. Alabama was coming off just a few days ago with Auburn - we knew they would come out with a great deal of energy. I thought they played well. At the beginning of the game I thought we did a good job of matching their intensity level and they made a couple of plays right there at the break to get a little lead. I thought our guys came back in the second half - played well - won the first few minutes of the half and I thought we finished the game very strong and gave ourselves opportunities to win, but unfortunately a couple of shots didn't go down and around the basket we just weren't tough enough to finish in a very physical ball game."

On Alabama's defense tonight:

"I think they are a good defensive basketball team. I think it has been noted that they are very aggressive on the perimeter and they did an excellent job, they are strong, and they are able to make plays out there defensively and keep you out of the lane. They do a great job of being able to switch defensively and making you play over the top and I think it's a credit to them with their defense."

On what happened toward the end of the first half:

"I thought at the end they made a couple of plays, we weren't able to make plays. They made a couple of nice shots there and executed well right before the half. I thought they had a little bit of momentum going into the half and I think it was like 21-27 or something like that at the half. I thought we were still in striking distance. In this game, they are going to make their runs or make a few runs and unfortunately for us it was right there before the half."

Junior Forward Shavon Coleman

 On how they got back in the game:

"We just had to all come together. We said we had to get stops and get a bucket, stops and get a bucket. We had to take one play at a time, so that's what we did."

On ability to play tough on the road:

"It's just a mental thing. You've got to have substance in you. You've got to come into the game with toughness. You can't just lay down because you're on the road thinking that just because they've got their crowd and everything that it's going to be an easy game for them. We've got to come and hit them first before they get comfortable and things like that."

 Sophomore Forward Johnny O'Bryant III

 On his role in helping team click offensively:

"I just tried to take the ball toward the rim. Coach (Johnny Jones) has preached to me all season - "go toward the rim, finish things when you're at the rim" - so that's what I just tried to do. The guards didn't really hit shots tonight, so I just tried to get offensive rebounds and put those back. So I guess you can say I was kind of a big help for our offense, but like I said we've got to bounce back next game."