Alabama Postgame Quotes versus Mercer



Dec. 22, 2012

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Head Coach Anthony Grant Postgame Quotes

Opening statement:
“It’s obviously a tough loss.  Give Mercer credit, they came out in the second half and played with more energy, passion and purpose than we did.”

On the change in momentum at the end of the first half:
“It’s always going to be a 40-minute game and we’ve got to understand that.  Right now that message is not getting across the way it needs to get across to our team.”

On only forcing two turnovers in the second half:
“We weren’t in a position to try to force turnovers today.  Mercer did a really good job of making some toughness plays and we made some careless turnovers in the second half.  We didn’t finish plays in the second half.  They got every 50/50 ball in the second half.  They played with more togetherness, passion and more fire and belief in each other as a team and usually those teams are going to win.  Until we learn how to do that, until we get tougher, more focused and more bought in as a team we’re going to struggle.  I think that’s evident.  We had a 10-point lead there in the second half but we didn’t come out with energy in the second half at all.  It’s been an issue we’ve had to deal with because we think ‘we’re up 10 we’re going to be fine.’  But Mercer gained confidence when they had success and they were able to make plays and make some shots and what happened, happened.  It’s been a consistent thing for our team and right now as a coach I’m searching for answers and we’ve got to figure it out.”