Men's Basketball vs. Southeastern Louisiana - Postgame Quotes



Dec. 15, 2010

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Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant
On holding Southeastern Louisiana’s high-scoring offense to only 38 points:
“I thought it was a great effort by our guys. Southeastern Louisiana is a very dangerous shooting team. I thought our guys did a great job taking away the three-point line in the first half and the ones that they did get were somewhat rushed. We are fortunate when you look at what they’re capable of, to hold them 20 percent from the field and 22 percent from the three-point line, those are major numbers.”

On cutting off a possible SLU rally after back-to-back three’s late in the first half:
“Those are teachable moments. Those two possessions, we ran an underneath out of bounds play and we forced a shot that wasn’t there which leads to them getting into transition and getting a three-point shot and then the next possession we come down and turn it over trying to force a pass that wasn’t there and they come down and get a transition three, but those are teachable moments. When you look at it we had 10 turnovers tonight and they were ones that we should not have had, but it is good to see the number of turnovers go down. We try to take those moments and learn from them. It was good to hear guys on the bench, even when they did make that run (SLU closing to within 10) to be talking to each other to know what we need to do to get the lead back to where we needed to get it to. It was a positive thing. I saw growth tonight and we just have to continue in that direction.”

On pulling off the full-court press early in the game:
“We’ve got to learn how to win in a variety of ways and the thing that I have to figure out what this basketball team needs and what puts them in the best position to win. That is the most important thing I felt tonight. We could guard them on the half-court and we did a good job in understanding the importance of each possession on both ends of the floor and I think our guys responded tonight to that.”

#1 JaMychal Green, Forward
On his productivity in the paint for the night:
“Coach (Anthony Grant) has been preaching to me all week to be aggressive. So I just try to be aggressive on the floor when I get the ball in the paint and try to make the best of it. If I don’t have an open shot, I try to look for the open player. I made some great passes tonight and my teammates and I got some good shots.”

On how the team’s three-point success makes his scoring easier:
“It makes it a lot easier on me. Once you make shots, it opens up the floor for me. I won’t be getting double-teamed, so it’s great that my teammates knocked down shots tonight.”

On the importance of tonight’s game:
“I think it’s very important. It’s a confidence builder. I feel like we’ll start a winning streak. We played well tonight and played together.”

#12 Trevor Releford, Guard
On Importance of three-point success for the team:
“It was important. Coach has been stressing the whole week getting shots at game speed during practice, so that when we get in the game we can hit shots like that.”

On the importance of ball control:
“He just told us to take care of the ball. That’s important for the point guard position and all the guards. If you limit turnovers, then it will create more opportunities to score.”

On importance of teammates’ success in the paint and from beyond the arc on his game:
“It makes it really easy. JaMychal is one of the best low-post people in the country. When he’s having a night like this, it’s a lot easier on me. When people are making the outside shots it makes it that much better."

#21 Senario Hillman, Guard
On importance for starting fast against teams like SLU:
“It’s really important. We came out aggressive and ready to play. Coach wanted us to stop turning the ball over. I think we did a great job with taking care of the ball.”

On importance of limiting their top scorer to six points:
“Our real focus was to protect the three-point line and try to limit his shots as much as we could. I think Charvez Davis, Charles Hankerson Jr., and I did a great job trying to stop him.”

On importance JaMychal Green’s contributions to the team’s success:
“I think it’s really important for JaMychal to rebound the ball and when he goes in the post more, we need him to score. We really need Mike. I think he’s doing a great job for us. He’s going out and playing hard every night.”

Southeastern Louisiana Head Coach Jim Yarbrough
On his team’s play:
“I think our team is too immature right now. They seem to collapse at times under the weight of not scoring instead of continuing to defend. Not that this team is easy to defend by any means, but for about 18 minutes we blocked out beautifully and then David Ndouma totally seemed incapable, as did most other people, of keeping JaMychal Green off the glass.”

On his team’s second-half play:
“They did a great job locking in on Trent (Hutchin), realizing that would be our main scorer. Gary (Dixon), our single double-digit guy, played with a hurt ankle and did a pretty good job getting in there and giving us a few shots. But then (Brandon) Fortenberry was DOA offensively. Trent couldn’t get it going. And I’m not worried about the shots where they are bothered or blocked, but it’s the shots where you are open that you miss, or the free throw that you miss.”