Alabama vs. Detroit Postgame Quotes



Dec. 11, 2011

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Alabama Men's Basketball vs. Detroit Postgame Quotes

ALABAMA HEAD COACH Anthony Grant Opening statement:

"Obviously it's good to be back in the win column. I thought tonight we came out with great energy and great focus. I think the first half, from a defensive stand point, was exactly what we needed. Going against a team as talented as Detroit was, coming off two great wins, we knew how they would come in and we had to do a great job on the defensive end. I thought our guys were really focused to start the game."

On Tony's dunks and Alley-oops tonight:

"Tony's play above the rim tonight was certainly something I was impressed with and it's fun to watch when he's able to make those highlight plays. It definitely gets our team and the crowd more involved in the game."

On the players focusing on every game, and every play to be successful:

"Well, we consistently play four freshmen, so this is their first time going through everything. Obviously we also have some veterans but for four of our top seven, this is their first time going through it. So what we have to learn is about the focus and intensity that you need to bring every game, every possession and every half just to understand what it takes to be successful at this level. I think with every game there is a lesson that we can take from it. Tonight there were some lessons that we were trying to get across to the guys so they can see what it's all about and what it takes. Not only the young guys but the veterans as well. The challenge now is how we grow from this. Where do we go next in terms of willingness to be on the same page and understanding that you have to value the ultimate goal; to win."

On Nick Jacobs getting the start tonight:

"Obviously it was the first opportunity he has gotten to start and we felt that we needed to make a change just from a lineup stand point. We needed to give us a different look with JaMychal at the four and Tony at the three, just to give it a different look. For us, it's going to depend on our ability to play on numbers. For tonight we had seven guys in double-figures. We got the chance to get some guys some extended minutes. Obviously Detroit did a good job in the second half of cutting into our lead, which meant we had to keep some guys on the floor probably longer than we would have liked to. But for us, the next step is to understand what the roles are and what we need to do to put our team in the best position."


# 1, JaMychal Green , Forward

On how good it felt to go and play well both individually and as a team:

"I think this is what we needed to build our confidence. We lost two in a row and we needed a win tonight badly. It is just good to see us finally play as a team, waking up, seeing what coach wants of us and doing it like we did tonight."

On the game getting closer in the second half, with Detroit pulling within 9 points:

"The first half we were aggressive, the second half - I think we just got lazy in the second half - we didn't really play as a team. We were playing complacently, but coach brought us together. When we played as a team though, we got the job done."

# 5, Tony Mitchell, Forward

On how good it was to come out and get a win after the two game skid:

"We just wanted to come out and play good defense, because that's what we were lacking the last two games: good defense. That's what we came out and did tonight. I feel like we let up a little bit, let them get back in the game, but we just wanted to come out and play great defense."

On Nick Jacobs getting the start and having a good game:

"He has been working hard these last couple of days in practice, proving that he can be dominant down low and that's what we came out and did tonight. That is what we are going to need from him, so from now on, if he can do the same thing, we have the potential to be a successful basketball team."


Opening Statement:

"First of all I'm disappointed in our slow start but I think Alabama had a lot to do with it. Coming in here, we knew it was going to be a tough environment with them coming off of two losses. They made a change in the lineup. I think they got their players attention and they came out focused and ready to go. They got us back on our heels. The first half we had no answer for Tony Mitchell and JaMychal Green and their 11 field goals all over the place. It took us a while to settle down and to find a rhythm. I think they had a lot to do with that with their length and their ability to speed you up. We got caught up playing their game. I thought we settled down and then quit. We closed an 8-3 run at the end of the first half and then in the second half we started gaining some confidence. We were able to get into the bonus, make some plays and get some stops. Unfortunately, they are going to be a good team at closing out leads. They did a good job of keeping us back on our heels and closing out the game."

On the technical foul:

"It was a momentum swing for them and I never did get an explanation on what happened. It was interesting how that came about. Talking with my player, he didn't say anything and I don't know if Coach Grant or one of his players said something. Normally they come and tell you what took place but I never got an explanation. I didn't see anything and my player said he didn't do anything that warranted it. It was terrible timing for us."

On the change in the lineup catching them off-guard:

"We were surprised but I thought it was something that we could match up with. Obviously it gave them a huge emotional lift. They got a productive player on the floor."


# 32, Eli Holman, Center/Forward

On how Alabama was able to lead the entire game:

"We missed a lot of easy layups - easy baskets - a lot of layups that we missed at point-blank range. We probably could have defended better. We gave up a lot of layups and dunks. That's usually not how we play, but we gave up a lot of layups and dunks."

On where Detroit needs to improve most:

"Defense. I mean defense is who we are, and defense is what we stand for. If we can defend, then I believe we can beat anybody in the country."

On if there were any surprises from Alabama:

"No, we expected them to throw everything they had at us. And they did just that."