Alabama vs. North Florida Postgame Quotes



Dec. 2, 2009

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Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant
On the team's slow first-half start:
"I think that's something that we have to figure out as a team. My thinking is for us there's a level of consistency that you have to have in order to be good. I think as a team right now we're figuring that out. The thing I told them before the game is that we have to show consistency from moment-to-moment, game-to-game, day-to-day, and we have to develop that. I don't know that we understand that yet. The thing that we talked about is that we have to develop the identity that we want our team to have and that comes through consistency, playing with passion and playing with pride, and I don't think we displayed that in the first half. I think as a team we certainly have a lot of growth that we have got to make. We're not where we need to be. To me, the first half wasn't even about basketball. That was an immaturity and a lack of passion and focus that we can't do, there's no excuse for that. I have to take the blame for that as the head coach, not having the basketball team ready, to come out and play as lackluster as we did. I don't have an answer for that, but obviously I've got to get to the core of why we came out and played that way."

On why the team appeared to lack energy:
 "There are certainly a lot of different excuses we could use. We don't have that luxury as a team right now; living in the past or living in the future, you got to be able to live in the present moment. We had an opportunity tonight to get better as a team and maybe that experience makes us better. There's a reason why you go through everything. Maybe that's the first half. It got our attention and maybe got our focus and provided an opportunity to learn and to maybe figure some things out. I'm hoping that we will be able to do that and I know that we need to so it will be interesting to see how we respond."

On the team making and taking a season-high in three-pointers:
"In the first half we actually shot a better percentage from the three-point line than we did from two-point range. We weren't doing a very good job of making layups and contested inside shots. I thought the majority of the three's we got were actually decent looks. I felt like we needed to establish a post presence. I thought we had an opportunity to not necessarily go in and score, but every time that we went in the post they trapped the post so I thought we could get good shots if we were patient and strong with the ball and we did some of that in the second half. We did do a much better job of making decisions and handling the pressure once we got the ball inside. We're a work in progress."

Senior Guard Mikhail Torrance
On the difference in play from the first half to the second half:
"To be honest we weren't even ourselves in the first half. In the second half we really picked it up, but I feel like we're a lot better than what we showed."

On defensive pressure in the second half:
"It was definitely a factor. Like coach always says, `we practice this every day.' Some teams are not use to the pressure style, so should cause many turnovers in games. In the first half we didn't get as many turnovers as we wanted to, but in the second half we picked it up."

Junior Guard Charvez Davis
On the energy in the second half:
"I think we came out with a lot more energy. We knew we had to pick it up. We just wanted to go out and play with a lot of energy and play our style of play."

UNF Head Coach, Matthew Driscoll
Thoughts on his team's efforts in the first half:
"Obviously in the first half we didn't play real well early but we were able to sustain because they weren't playing real well either and that was good for us. It was  19-10 and with eight minutes to go I told the guys, `Look we're in the game, they're letting us in the game and we need to take advantage of this,' and we did. We got a stop, another stop and with consecutive stops we were able to get back in, get the lead and then of course, the big three at the buzzer. I told the guys at time out what we're going to do and the one thing we couldn't do is give up a three because that would give them momentum and they were going to get the ball back and that's not good when you're on the road playing here. So that was disappointing in the sense that we weren't able to capitalize on that."

Thoughts on the second half:
"The second half I think we were in the game and they wore us down some with their pressure. Their size affected us and they really did a good job playing on post blitzes and they got some easy threes and some easy dunks and layups and at that time it went from 48-41 and then it went to sixteen.  And when you go from seven to sixteen, we called a couple time-outs but that didn't matter. It got too much and then it went to twenty. We still fought and we never quit. Our guys are real resilient about that and understand that but they really made a lot of threes in the first. They made seven threes in the first half and we held them to 32 percent shooting, but if you're making seven threes, you're bag is certainly much bigger. So we've got to do a better job at making sure we guard the arc better. We're not guarding the arc very well. I've got to look at film closely and figure out what the reason is."