Alabama vs. South Alabama Postgame Quotes



Dec. 1, 2010

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On Tony Mitchell's alley-oop dunk:
"I tell you what, that dunk was a spectacular dunk. I think he had a few of them, but the particular one I'm talking about is the lob that he caught. It seemed like he paused in mid air before he threw it down. I don't think you see that very often so that was a good moment. As you mentioned, I think it was ignited by the spurt we had on the defensive end. The guys did a great job there of turning up the pressure, creating turnovers, getting us out in transition. Our guys just felt better once they got out in transition and once we were able to get some easy baskets and extend the lead. I think it just flowed from there."

On having patience with this team:
"We've just got to keep focused on the present moment as opposed to living in the past whether it was good or bad and be able to move on to the next moment and understand in this game that things can change quickly. In our style of play things can change quickly. We're learning those lessons and we're pleased today that we were able to get the win. The numbers that we put up from a defensive standpoint, obviously there are a lot of areas where we can get better. That's what we can be doing this time of year. We want to improve and every game brings different challenges. We're excited that we were able to handle what this game brought now we have to get prepared for the next one."

On the Tide's bench outscoring USA's 26-6, led by Chavez Davis' 15:
"I thought he was huge in the first half, being able to knock down some threes and obviously give us momentum offensively that allowed us, from a defensive standpoint, to kind of set our defense and take control of the game. It was good to see him come out and be that aggressive. I thought Chris Hines also early in the game gave us good minutes there inside with his rebounding and his scoring. I thought there were a lot of good efforts all across the board tonight."

On the toughness of his team:
"One of the things we take pride in that we keep everyday is something we call hustle stats. That's indicative of doing the things that you're talking about that Chris (Hines) did in terms of getting deflections, or coming up with loose balls or just getting his hands on balls, getting recoveries and those type things and we chart that. It's funny because just a couple of days ago Chris was the hustle stat leader for the week, and when he came in the locker room I heard him talking to one of the other seniors saying, "I've got 64. The closest guy to me is in the 30s. I'm dominating the hustle stats." He takes pride in that. He understands how much of an effect that has on us and our ability to win. It's huge for us so it's good to see him go out there and do that - transfer that from practice to the game floor."

#44 Chris Hines Forward
On starting out slow, but blowing the game open in the second half:
"It was all about getting out and running and doing what we do best. We're a better team when we're in transition and scoring, especially at home with the crowd behind us I feel like when we get the crowd in the game we can beat anybody."

On his rebounding effectiveness in the first half:
"Rebounding and playing defense, that's what I do, that is my role on this team, I understand that. To me that's a given, when I'm on the court if I don't go rebound and I'm not playing defense I shouldn't be in the game."

#24 Charvez Davis Guard
On shooting well from the perimeter:
"I just think preparation was the key. I've been really focused these last two games, just concentrating on hitting shots, trying to get a rhythm, trying to get a good workout, trying to keep the same form and keep the same repetition ."

On his career-high four steals:
"Anytime I'm out there I just try to bring energy to the team. Tonight I was in the right position to get the steals, just doing what I can to help the team."

#5 Tony Mitchell Forward
On his second straight double-double:
"I'm just trying to come out and help my team anyway I can, for us to be better and improve as the season moves along."

On having fun out on the court:
"Everybody got all the jitters out and everybody is playing like they are supposed to play."

Opening statement:
"That was just a duplicate of a couple of our other games. We are young, and we don't have any kids that have been here more than one year. Our decisions just are not good. I thought we came out and defended them well, but we are just not making good decisions. When the bleeding starts, we don't stop it. That has to do with our guards making bad decisions with the ball."

On the play of Alabama offensively:
"Some of it is we made some of their guys look better than what they are. They have a nice club, but we have some situations with youth and we aren't taking care of the ball. Looking at the stats, we took 10 more shots than they did, but we just aren't scoring. We had 18 turnovers, they had 22 turnovers, and they still beat us by more than 20 points. When you don't score, you have to start taking chances. When you take chances, you give up easy buckets. They shot 53 percent from the floor, but a lot of that is because they were shooting slam dunks. Those are pretty good percentage shots."

On Alabama's press defense:
"The press hurt us, but late in the game that was the only way we were scoring. I was hoping they kept pressing, because that was the only way we could score points. Our half-court offense was struggling against the zone and the man defense. When they pressed us, it enabled us to get some easy shots, which helped."