Men's Basketball vs. Lamar - Postgame Quotes

Nov. 27, 2012

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Head Coach Anthony Grant
Opening statement:
"It's always going to be about our team getting better and understanding what we have to do in terms of where we want to be as a basketball team. I've got to do a better job as a coach making sure we get that across. We've got to do a better job in terms of understanding how we need to play for 40 minutes."

On seeing more of what he wanted to see from his team after halftime:
"I thought in the second half our defensive intensity picked up. Offensively, we have to get better in some areas in terms of understanding what allows us to have success. I thought the intensity from the defense, the focus in terms of what we need to do in the press, being matched up in the press and being effective with the style of play was good in the second half."

On Retin Obasohan's first start:
"I believe in every one of our guys and the opportunities that they have to accomplish the things they want to accomplish. My feeling is that when we put them out there, they are ready to go out there and have success. They have to be able to trust the preparation that we go through in the preseason and in practice and go out there and perform. It doesn't surprise me when our guys go out there and perform well. It surprises me when we don't. My expectation is that our guys will understand that and do that on a consistent basis." 

Alabama Players

#20 Levi Randolph, Guard
On what it's like seeing a player like Dakota Slaughter come off the bench and score 10 points:
"As a team, we like seeing Dakota (Slaughter) score points like that. We're just happy for him. "

On what encouraged them to play better in the second half: "I just felt like the second half, we wanted to play with more intensity than the first half. In our minds we were just trying to do the little things and get back to playing our style of basketball." 

#21 Rodney Cooper, Guard
On what it's like seeing a player like Dakota Slaughter come off the bench and score 10 points:
"It feels good to be able to see guys like Dakota (Slaughter) and Keon Blackledge get in the game, show the skills they have and work on in practice every day just like we do." 

Lamar Head Coach Pat Knight

On Lamar's success in the first half:
"I thought our guards did a really good job breaking their press by going up the sidelines. If you go into the middle against that kind of press that's where the trap is and I thought our guards did a great job breaking the press. I thought we did well changing up the defenses and not letting Alabama get in a rhythm. We just attacked the basket really well and I thought that really helped us. Talking to my assistants, [Alabama] picked up the pressure more in the second half even more so and added more traps to it and we just didn't handle it well. We kind of backed down a little bit, because they picked up the pressure and instead of us picking up our intensity, we kind of let down. That's my fault - when the head coach isn't in the game it's tough for the kids - especially for all the young kids. I'm not there telling them to get it up the sideline, not reminding them to call a timeout if they get in trouble. So it's really on me for that last 15 minutes. I was proud with the first 25 minutes; I thought we played really well. Talking to my assistants, I think (Alabama) amped up their intensity and we kind of backed off."   

On what comes next for this team:
"We have to go to Purdue - it's another money game. My first 11 games are on the road, we don't play at home until December 29. We knew taking this job, the second year was going to be tough. From a schedule standpoint, it goes back to normal next year. That's why we wanted to win last year - because we had the seniors, we are just young. We just have to keep teaching them. Last year you could be a motivator, that's what my job was. You could call players out. This year, these poor kids, they don't have it in them. They are all new kids and junior college kids. I have to be the teacher this year. I just have to be patient and I really think this team is going to do well in conference. We just have to get through this murder of a schedule. I have to make sure these kids don't get too down. I think as a coach we get too negative sometimes. You almost think that kids lose on purpose. They don't lose on purpose. They might not play hard enough to win, but they don't lose on purpose. I felt bad when I walked in, those poor kids. They were so happy at halftime. I asked them and they gave me some good answers about what happened. They just thought that they kind of backed down from the intensity after I got thrown out. That's my fault because the kids feed off the head coach. I don't blame them for that. I'm just going to focus on that 25 minutes when I was there, because I saw a lot of improvement."