Alabama Men's Basketball vs. Charleston Southern - Postgame Quotes

Nov. 23, 2012

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Head Coach Anthony Grant
Opening statement:

“You have to give Charleston Southern credit tonight. They came in and really got it. I was saying before the game that this is probably one of the hardest playing teams in terms of their ability to make hustle plays, offensive rebounds and their style of play. We knew that it was going to be a battle. I’m proud of our guys for their effort tonight. I thought in the second half our defense really carried us. We struggled through the first half. At one point I think we were 1-of-16 from the field. I thought our defensive intensity really carried us through.”

On taking advantage of the size difference:

“I thought we got great play out of the big guys (Carl Engstrom and Moussa Gueye). They were big shot-deflectors and game-changers around the rim. I thought some of those blocks for us were huge for us to get out into transition. Not that we converted every one of them, but it prevented them from getting some easy opportunities. It kept us in a position to maintain the lead even though we were struggling at points from the field. Sometimes you just need to get a layup, an easy basket to get yourself going. Our defense allowed us to do that today with those guys up front.”

On the 22 points Trevor Releford scored:

“He made some big shots. You look at the points but he also had six assists on the night. You love to see that. We had 17 assists for my team. I thought that was really good.”


Alabama Players 

#5 Trevor Lacey, Guard

On what statistic he is most proud of for this game:

“Probably assists. I love giving my teammates shots, and today mine weren’t falling. I just do what I can to give my teammates shots.”

On how much he missed Rodney Cooper during tonight’s game:

“Cooper is a guy that stretches the floor when we penetrate. He’s an extra shooter that we have. Today we had to rotate Carl [Engstrom] out there, and Dakota [Slaughter], and it was just a little different without Cooper.” 

#4 Carl Engstrom, Center

On if his mindset was more aggressive for this game:

“I try to do that every night, and I have to get better at it. I just keep going and try to do better every day.”


On being more comfortable with his game:

“I feel like I’m getting better. I try and really focus on my rebounding. This is my fourth year of playing basketball competitively. It doesn’t feel new to me, but it’s still a learning process.”


Charleston Southern Quotes

Head Coach Barclay Radebaugh


Opening Statement

“Congratulations to Alabama. It’s a well-coached team, classy coach, classy coaching staff, classy organization that plays the right way. They play extremely well, maybe as hard as anybody we have played in a while. I congratulate them on a hard-fought win and I wish them all the best of luck – classy group. From our team, we’re just out of rhythm. We haven’t shot the ball well yet this year. We have to keep looking offensively for some answers. We have really struggled to shoot the ball – and that is unlike us – we were 22nd in the country in scoring last year, and we score 46 points. In our previous game we scored 57. We have to get some answers. I was disappointed in our execution late in the game. Six point game with whatever minutes to go and I felt that we imploded. There’s no excuse for getting a technical foul. Shot selection late, there is no excuse for that. We are better than that – we have to be more mature than that and we look forward to seeing the film.”


On if the game got ‘chippy’ in the second half:

“I thought it was two teams playing really hard. Alabama plays hard, we are not going to back down from anyone – never have, never will. It was just a good, hard-fought basketball game between two teams that really want to win. I thought most of the plays were fine, just hard, tough basketball.”


On Alabama’s pressure:

“After the first two minutes, it didn’t (bother us). You guys saw the same game I saw. We had wide open looks and we missed them. The first couple of minutes their pressure really affected us. They changed to the 1-3-1 zone and that affected us one possession and we got our veterans back in the game and it didn’t affect us after that. We are hard to pressure because we are so small.”


Junior Forward Allie Fullah

On how the game went:

“I felt like we could have executed better.  We came out here with a game plan and we didn’t really execute as well as we could have.  We felt that we could play with this team and we’re going to have to come together and heal from this experience because this really hurts.” 

On Alabama’s size:

“They’re a big team with a couple seven-footers, but we really should have executed better.  Alabama is a very big team and probably the biggest we’ve played this year so far.”