Alabama vs. Providence Postgame Quotes



Nov. 20, 2009

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Alabama Postgame Quotes
Head Coach Anthony Grant
On the effort of the team:
“I’ll tell you what, I couldn’t be prouder of the effort our guys gave. I think it’s fitting that we were in a position where we had to defend to win the game, and down the stretch, the last two minutes, our guys stepped up to the challenge and did a great job and got stops and were able to pull it out.”

On the game as a whole:
“It was a pretty good early-season college basketball game. I felt like it was somewhat of a chess match; just us trying to counter what each other was doing. They had a really good team. They have an explosive offensive team and they give you a lot of different looks on the defensive end. We felt like at the half, we had some opportunities on the offensive end that we didn’t take advantage of that could have given us a little bit of a cushion, a little bit of a lead. We said in the second half it was going to come down to our ability to defend. We knew they were a dangerous three-point-shooting team. I think at the half they had taken 11 and they came in averaging about 33. We knew they would come out and be looking to get it going from the three-point line. I think in the second half they made one and that was huge, being able to take away the three-point line. They hurt us in some other areas. Great offensive rebounding team, we knew that coming in, they did a great job, and they really hurt us on the glass. But I’m really proud of the effort our guys gave tonight and it was a great win.”

On Junior Forward No. 40 Justin Knox:
“I thought he was huge. In the second half when JaMychal (Green) picked up his fourth foul, I think we may have had a four-point lead, a three-point lead, somewhere in that neighborhood, and they were making a run. We needed to be able to get some rebounds and convert on the other end. I thought Justin (Knox) came in and he was great from the free-throw line, he gave us some big rebounds down the stretch there, he was a very physical presence on the inside and I’m really happy for him being able to come out and make the contribution he did tonight.”

On never giving up:
“I think that’s growth and that’s something that we preach every day. We have to be able to move on to the next play, to stay in the present moment, and we’re getting better at that, I thought our guys did a good job of that today. The game was like that to be honest with you; it was back and forth. They made some runs and got some offensive rebounds and they were about to rebound and get out in transition and get some easy looks and then we’d think we had them where we wanted them and they’d make a play. They’d stop our run and get on a run of their own. I thought most of the night was back and forth like that tonight. It was a really good game and we’re happy to win.”

On Senior Guard No. 2 Mikhail Torrance:
“(Mikhail Torrance) has probably had his best week of practice this week, so there’s no coincidence that it translated into what he did tonight. It meant a lot to him and he’s growing into the leader that I think he can be. I’m really happy that he was able to finish the game out the way he did. You could tell at the end he was going to do whatever he could do, whatever needed to be done to help our team win.”

On the Old Spice Classic:
“Obviously we’re going to enjoy this one here tonight. We have a chance to reflect on what the week has brought us. We got a chance to get prepared here over the next several days for Baylor and the Tournament ahead and just to get better as a team and we’re looking forward to it. I think this was a great building block for our team. I think it showed our guys what they’re capable of so we’re really proud of the win.”

On fan support:
“It was a great crowd. It got electric there, especially at the end when we needed to get those stops. It was great to hear the crowd, their excitement, and to see the students come out. Hopefully that’s something that we’ll continue to build as they see the intensity and passion that our guys play with, that people will want to continue to come out and support this team.”

No. 2 Mikhail Torrance, Senior Guard
On the game:
“We came in and Coach (Anthony) Grant gave us a great game plan and we just wanted to really prepare and come out here and execute the game plan.”

On being the lone senior on the team and wanting the ball down the stretch:
“I wanted it. I told Coach to look to me to make a big play. I really wanted to come out and do it for my teammates and Coach gave me the confidence.”

On the play of Justin Knox:
“We’ve been on Knox the whole summer, just working with him. Coach puts us in some adverse situations in practice, so anybody on any given day is going to step up. When I came in I told him, ‘it’s your time, JaMychal (Green) is out right now in foul trouble so we’re going to need you to step up.’”

On the play of Senario Hillman:
“Senario just amazes me. He is a total team player. He told Coach at the end of the game that he didn’t want to go on the bench. He was hitting some tough shots all night and at the end Senario made a big stop.”

No. 40 Justin Knox, Junior Forward
On what it means to the team to get a win like this:
“This is a big win for our confidence going in to Orlando next week. I think everybody played good. We played as a team and that really helped. It was just a big win overall for us.”

On having a good night individually:
“The ball just fell in my hands on the offensive board. I was pressing the offensive board. Coach was telling us before the game that their bigs are not really that aggressive down there, so we took advantage of that by crashing the boards. The ball just fell in my hands. I tried to go up strong with it and got the fouls called.”

On his solid free throw shooting:
“Last game I missed like three or four free throws so I have been working on it all week before this game. I made it a priority to not have a bad free throw shooting night.”

On the last two minutes of the game:
“It was real fun. The crowd was in it and it was a really great moment.”

Providence Postgame Quotes
Head Coach Keno Davis
On positives in game against Alabama:
“I think there are always some positives to look at.  If you win that game by a point or two, you come around all happy and high fiving and everything, yet there is a lot you need to improve when you win games. Sometimes when you lose them, the negatives stand out a little bit more.  Had we lost to Mercer the negatives would have stood out a little bit more.  We have to take this understanding that there are positives and that’s great.  We need to look at the things we can improve on. From now on, we pretty much play and play so we have to be able to improve on some of the mental mistakes that we made.  We also need some of our guys to pick it up to another level.”

On Providence’s play in game against Alabama:
“You look at how Alabama was able to win that; we had a couple turnovers here and there and there were a couple times we didn’t get to the free throw line. We have to work on that execution. We have to understand if you don’t make the play and you don’t make the shot, you can’t turn it over on that play. You have to make sure that you contain the ball.  Those plays hurt you on the other end.  The execution of things is what will drive me nuts. We have a team where half our scholarship players are freshman. What we have to be able to do is focus on the intensity and our effort. It was not a good sign to get outrebounded by Alabama tonight after we were at a plus 15 per game, but it was a different level team.  They were coming in and doing exactly what we do, they were crashing the offensive boards.  So we did a great job on the offensive boards and not so good job on the defensive board.  That will be a point of emphasis in practices to come.

No. 21 Jamine Peterson, Sophomore Forward
On his feelings after the game:
“It was a tough loss.  We played pretty well before those last few minutes.  We made some mistakes and they made some big plays.    It was a tough loss.”

On the broken inbounds play late in the game:
“I was in the corner guarding my man and both teams seemed a little confused and their guy just broke loose for that layup.  That was one of those mistakes.

On his career high in points (27):
“Coach always tells us to play hard, and that’s what I was trying to do. I wasn’t really looking to score, just trying to take some good shots and help my team get the win. 

On whether he considers this a missed opportunity:
“Probably.  We really had a good opportunity to win the game and let it get away from us there at the end.”
No. 2 Marshon Brooks, Junior Forward
On the end of the game:
“We were just never able to put the game away.  I had 22 points but I also had seven turnovers so that was partly my fault.  I was too loosey-goosey with the basketball and played with my defender instead of just going around him.  That was my fault.”

On the broken inbounds play late in the game:
“I didn’t really see what happened because I was on the ball.  People were moving a lot and he saw somebody wide open who got a layup.”

On the overall performance:
“To be honest with you, I was pretty surprised to be up four at the half.  When we came back to the locker room though I knew we had a chance to win the game.  That’s why this one hurts so badly.  It’s one we could’ve won.  It’s a loss that doesn’t look too bad on your resume but it’s also a game you can’t get back.  They were a good team from a high-power conference, but in the end, we lost it.”

On the future:
“We’ll bounce back.  We can’t hang our heads, I’ll tell you that right now.  We’ve got a game in a few days.  We can’t let this one get to us, that’s how teams lose four or five in a row.”