Alabama Men's Basketball vs. West Alabama - Postgame Quotes

Nov. 11, 2012

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Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant
Opening statement:
“This was certainly, for us, turning the field early and for our guys to come out after a very emotional win on Friday and bounce back today, I thought we responded pretty well. In the first half, I thought again we had too many turnovers. They were able to get on the board against us quite a bit and we had to find our way. Again, in the second half I thought our intensity really picked up and I thought we did a much better job of taking care of the basketball and finding each other. In the second half we had 11 assists and four turnovers. Those are areas we just have to get better in. We’ve got to continue to understand what allows us to win and be successful. We’ve got to be able to take care of the basketball. We’ve got to rebound the basketball.”

Making 3’s against SD State & if it brought confidence to team:
“Everybody makes a big deal about the shooting, but I really don’t. This is a new team. You know, to hold these guys accountable for what happened last year or the year before is just not fair. These guys have come out and the only thing I ask them to do is stay in character in terms of what they do and who they are. Share the basketball and move the basketball. We’re going to get quality shots. We were fortunate enough today that we had some that fell, but we were taking good ones. If you can get 15 assists, you know those are good numbers. As long as we continue to do the things we are capable of doing, I’m confident we will be able to have offensive success.”

On defense performance:
“I thought our energy was good. We were able to get some early steals there, you know, to start the game and get some transition baskets and then we kind of hit a lull. I thought that came into effect in the second half; it took its toll and we were able to get out in transition and turn them over a little bit more. I think they had 15 turnovers in the first half and finished the game with 25. You’ve got to be pleased when you look at those numbers. We were able to hold them to 32 percent from the field. They made four 3’s in the game and got a couple late. So in terms of the improvement and what we want to do defensively, I thought we did a good job.”

On Trevor Lacey and Rodney Cooper:
“Those guys did a good job. Lacey shot the ball extremely well. He was 5-for-5 from the 3 point line. Cooper got 16 points and was 2-for-7, but he had opportunities and took advantage of them. I thought we did a good job with the ball movement and guys taking the extra pass and sharing it and taking good shots. At the end of the day, multiple guys were capable of putting the ball in the hole. Today we had three guys in double figures. The other day we had four guys in double figures. So it’s good to see the ball being shared and see the guys having fun.” 

Alabama Player

#5 Trevor Lacey, Guard
On coming off Friday’s win against South Dakota State:
“I mean, we came out and played our game the same. We had a game plan, and we just tried to execute the game plan as best as we could.” 

On the difference between this year and last:
“I just feel like I’m healthy. I’m more explosive than I was last year and I feel more confident in taking shots that I didn’t last year.


West Alabama Head Coach Mike Newell 

On his impression of Trevor Lacey:
“Lacey is obviously a good player. I watched him a lot last year and he has gotten a lot better. Obviously you get a year under your belt playing, it is certainly going to help you. I thought he hit some big shots. He hit a big shot right there at the end of the first half – same play they ran against South Dakota State to win the game, in fact. They have kids back, they play excellent defense. I knew going into the game that their strengths played right into our weaknesses. November or December, even a veteran team is going to have trouble against full court pressure – because you don’t have enough practices to go through – you are focusing on fundamentals, man and zone [defenses], whatever you are playing defensively and offensively and your schemes. So I thought that we sort of got through the storm in the first half and I thought we might have a shot at getting some second-chance opportunities in the second half and they made their run.” 

On Alabama’s defense:
“They do a really good job of disguising it. They do a great job of helping. They never give up. They do a great job of hard traps – anytime the ball goes to the baseline or anywhere near the baseline – and they recover well. The thing is that they like doing it. It’s hard to get kids to play that way for 40 minutes and for the whole year. A lot of teams press and they will buy into it in November and December and then as you get into January and February and in conference play, teams are better and you are not getting as many steals and so it makes it a little bit harder to believe in it. Anything you do, you have to have a passion for and they believe in it. Anthony [Grant] has done a good job of getting them to believe in it. They’re athletic and they are strong, so they’re a fun team to watch and I enjoyed watching them and they are starting to shoot the ball better.”