Alabama Men's Basketball vs. UAH Postgam Quotes



Nov. 7, 2011

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Alabama Postgame Quotes
HEAD COACH Anthony Grant
Opening statement:
“It was a great game.  The reason we schedule this game is obviously because we have great respect for UAH and Coach Acuff and the program they have.  If you look at last year, it took a double overtime for us to come out with a win.  I felt like we had an opportunity in that game to learn a lot about our team and I felt like we did that again tonight. Coming into the game, the thing I tried to emphasize to our guys was there needed to be a greater sense of urgency in terms of our ability to defend their action. “

“They’re a very difficult team to defend with as many three-point shooters as they put on the floor and they stretch the defense and they do a good job driving the ball.  I thought overall, for the most part, we did a pretty good job on the defensive end.  The second half, the fouling, we fouled too much.  I think they took 19 free throws in the second half—way too many.  They did a very good job of switching defenses and kind of got us stagnant there in the second half.”

“I thought our guys did a good job.  I thought JaMychal (Green) dominated inside.  I thought our guys showed good patience, in terms of what we were looking for.  Obviously this early in the year, we’re not where we need to be in terms of execution and polish, but I think it was a great learning experience for our guys.”

On UAH being a good exhibition game:
“They are extremely well-coached. They come in and make you do things that require you to think, and be disciplined.  From a defensive standpoint, they put five guys on the floor that are capable shooters.  They’ve got three guys on their team—one guy’s a two-time player of the year in their league; two guys are all-conference. They’re a very good team.  They’re a veteran team. I think they’re second in the country in Division II.  We knew it was going to be a great test, but I think it’s great preparation for our guys.”

No. 12 Trevor Releford, G
On what can be learned against a tough exhibition opponent like UAH:
“We have to keep a sense of urgency on the defensive end and guard the three because that is a game changer. We also have to keep playing hard as a team.”

“It was a veteran team and they played us hard so it was a great look to see what will be ahead of us this season.”

No. 1 JaMychal Green, F
On tonight’s exhibition:
“They were a great team to play to get us ready for the season. They were a hard team to defend and they had great individual players. This was a great test for us.”

On what he learned about the team tonight that has to be improved before Friday:
“We need to communicate. We had some let downs on defense, but other than that all of the freshman stepped up and everyone did a great job.”

On the freshmen performances:
“Rodney Cooper did a great job, Trevor Lacey came in and stepped up to the plate and Levi Randolph was also productive out there.”

UAH Postgame Quotes
Head Coach Lennie Acuff
Opening Statement:
“First off I really appreciate them playing us. I think that says a lot about coach (Antony) Grant to give us a chance. We have a hard time getting these games. I really respect him, I have a lot of respect for him as a man and I think he is doing a great job. I think they are considerably better than they were a year ago. I think they shoot the ball better, they have multiple shooters.

(JaMychal) Green is really improved. He has really, really improved. The more I watch him on tape down the stretch; he is a big-time player. His shooting from the outside makes it tough because if you play him with a small guy he shoots over you and if you put a big on him he goes by you, but he is a good player.

I really like our team. I thought we fought them hard. You know if that three goes in we are down by two. We had two loose balls in the last 30 seconds with a chance to tie the game; we just didn’t get to a rebound.”

Summing up the game:
“I thought it was good for both teams. I think both teams benefited. I know we will be better for playing them and I feel like they will be better for playing us. We try real hard and I think we got a good team.”

#14 Jaime Smith, Guard
On UAH’s performance this evening:
“Obviously, you know, we knew they were a big time team, but no matter who we are playing, we come to win. We knew we were a little overmatched, but we were hoping we could outsmart them. That’s our strength, being a really smart team, but they jumped on us early, and we couldn’t fight back.”

On UAH’s never quit attitude:
“All I can say is that we were behind from the beginning, we were chasing points the whole time. They got up early, and I think we outscored them by one in the second half, so, that was a big start for them to be able to get up like that, and have us chasing points.”

On Alabama as a team compared to last year’s Alabama team:
“They are a lot better team. They have a lot of weapons. Their freshmen are really tough, they’re really tough to guard, and I think they will do great this year.”