Postgame Quotes vs. Stillman



Nov. 6, 2012

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Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant
Opening statement:
“I thought Stillman came in and did a very good job with the tempo that they played at in the first half. I thought in the first half, we were sloppy from an offensive standpoint. We made a lot of mistakes defensively, which gave them opportunities. We knew coming into the game that they were a very good and well-coached team, and that they would play with a lot of confidence and freedom. I thought in the second half, we settled down a little bit. Our defense was able to create some opportunities for us. I thought we settled down offensively. Until probably the last two minutes, I think it flipped. We had nine assists to four turnovers in the second half, which was good to see. I saw, over the course of 40 minutes, us make some improvements tonight. The thing I tell these guys every day is that we have to be able to trust what we do on a daily basis in practice. We’ve got to be able to trust the preparation that we go through, and then they’ve got to go out and execute the things that we work on every day to make the game easier for them, make the game easier for our team. I think we’ve got somewhat of a young team with what we played tonight that didn’t really understand that for 20 minutes in the first half. I thought we calmed down a bit in the second half and played a little bit more the way that we’ve tried to work on in practice. It’s a learning process. After tonight, it gets for real in a hurry, with South Dakota State coming in. They’re an excellent team. We’re going to have to obviously get a lot better in a lot of areas to be ready to go here on Friday.”

On Trevor Lacey’s injury:
“I think he caught a cramp in his calf, but he ended up coming back in toward the end of the game.”

On lack of production outside the paint:
“I felt like we were sloppy in a lot of areas. We ended up starting the game with (Trevor) Lacey at the point. For probably 10 minutes so far this season we’ve had him there, so I just went with that lineup today just to see what it looked like. I thought our execution wasn’t where it needed to be offensively. Give Stillman credit; I thought they did a good job of speeding us up. I thought we didn’t play in character today based on the things we worked on and talked about. We needed to settle down. I think it’s more about that than anything else. I think the decisions we made weren’t very good decisions and that leads to some negative results. I thought in the second half we settled down, and I thought we made better decisions. They did a very good job of keeping pressure on the basketball and on harassing the dribblers and not letting us get ball reversal. They did a good job of being aggressive, so we had to take what the defense was giving us, and tonight we had an advantage on the interior. It was good to see our guys take advantage of that.”

On if the three players that did not play against Stillman will be ready Friday:
“We will see what tomorrow brings. We feel like Andrew (Steele) and Carl (Engstrom) are making progress, so that’s a possibility. Last night, Retin (Obasohan) suffered an injury to his finger. He got a cut on his finger that required 10 stitches. It’s undetermined in terms of when he’ll be available again.”

#14 Moussa Gueye, Center
On how he is feeling this season:
“I feel good. I had to work real hard and lose a lot of weight. I had some good conditioning sessions, so it feels real good to help my teammates. Right now, I can run up and down without getting tired like last year.”

#15 Nick Jacobs, Forward
On what it’s like to have a 7-footer such as Moussa Gueye:
“Size makes a really big difference in the game. Once again, I believe we have the strength and length to finish around defenders. They can take us pretty far if we keep going at each other at practice and get better.”

On his thoughts at being down by six at one point in the first half:
“At that point I was basically just trying to correct what we were doing wrong. I was trying to continue forward to build a lead and play hard at the same time, while keeping our composure too.”

Stillman Head Coach Michael Grant
Opening Statement:
“First of all, we thought that we just played a tough game. Our guys really played hard and left everything out on the floor. We just came up a little bit short. We didn’t knock down the free throws like we thought we could. We didn’t get a lot of the shots off that we usually get off. Usually, we try to put up more than 30 threes a game, but they were so long and big it caused us to move the ball a little bit more. Our guys were trying to size guys up too much. They kind of pushed off our offense away from the basket a little, which it really helped us, pushing us away from the basket because now with our smaller guards it caused them problems when we started penetrating and kicking. It was a plus for them to do that, but I just really liked their team. They just didn’t play as well as I thought they were going to play today, but this is early. They are a good team. They are well coached. We were just happy to be in the game with them at this point.”

On being competitive the whole game:
“The main thing was that we just wanted to make sure that we played hard and left everything out on the floor. Our guys got confidence at the beginning of the game when they felt that they could play with them. Anytime that you feel that you can play with a team you are more relaxed. I think when they started pressing us in the second half that caused us a lot of problems. When we went smaller, our guards got quicker. It was tough for them to be able to keep us in front of them. That caused them a lot of problems. Overall, as long as we competed, this was an exhibition game, and this will get us ready for our next game. There is no way that the rest of the teams in our conference and our non-conference would be close to the talent that Alabama has. I have a lot of respect for Coach Grant and their basketball program. They are going to be very good.”

On what he thought of Devonta Pollard:
“He’s a freshman. He has to learn the game. He has to continue to learn the college game. I think he’s going to be a very good player. He did a couple of explosive things. He had a couple good dunks around the basket. He’s very athletic. He just needs to get more comfortable with the college game right now, but overall I think he’s going to be a very good player.”