Alabama-Stanford Postgame Quotes



March 23, 2013

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­­­­­­Head Coach Anthony Grant

Opening statement:
“It was a great effort from our guys today from start to finish. Our defensive intensity was where we needed it to be. You look at the numbers and they made more threes against us than you’d like to give up, but they took a lot of them. Over half the shots they took were threes. I thought we were very effective with our press and we were able to dictate the pace. Our guys were really locked into what we needed to do from a defensive standpoint and that was the difference in the game.”

On Devonta Pollard coming off the bench:
“I don’t know if it was so much strategy because Moussa (Gueye) has been hampered with his back the last couple of games. We were real concerned about (Dwight) Powell because he’s so skilled at the center position and thought that Devonta (Pollard) was quicker and could defend him a little better with his skill level. I thought Devonta really gave us great minutes today. He got eight rebounds in 24 minutes and we were asking him to do a lot in the press and it was real effective for us. And then Nick (Jacobs) gave us 20 effective minutes and did a real good job too.”

On Retin Obasohan’s play:
“I thought his energy was terrific. If you go back it seemed like every time there was a loose ball he was able to come up with it and he was just all over the place and aggressive. He went to the free throw line eight times today, which is just terrific. We had 26 free throws today overall. He did a great job defensively as well. He was guarding (Chasson) Randle who got 11 points but he had to work for every single one of them. I thought Retin just gave us some really great minutes and a good effort today.”

Sophomore Guard Levi Randolph

On who deserves the credit for holding Dwight Powell to two points:

“You know we have our bigs down low, Moussa Gueye and Nick Jacobs, but I think it was an overall team effort. We all came together and got the job done.”

On Retin’s improvement in the second part of the season:

“Retin is a hard worker He works hard every day. He comes in before practice and he stays after, so the more he is playing the better he is getting. He is just being aggressive and playing the style of play that coach asks us to play, and it’s all working out.”

Freshman Retin Obasohan

On How to explain his improvement:

“It’s due to my teammates and coaching staff. They drive me and push me every day in practice, and they just tell me to go out there, be comfortable, and play. That helps me a lot.”

On being 0-4 at halftime, and what’s going through his mind to set up for the second half:

“My focus isn’t on the offense end, so I didn’t know I was 0-4. I just come out to play defense, and whatever happens, happens.”

Stanford Head Coach Johnny Dawkins

Opening Statement:
“Alabama’s a very good team. They were as advertised – a very good defensive team – really aggressive, and they played that way for 40 minutes. Our hat’s off to them for the way they played. I think we learned a lot about what we have to continue to do to grow as a team as well.”

On how Alabama contained junior forward Dwight Powell, #33:
“They did a good job of, one, if he caught the ball in the low post, they doubled him, and so that takes the ball out of his hands there. They did a really good job of crowding him when he did receive the ball on the perimeter. They did a good job of shrinking the floor and making it difficult for him to be able to make an individual play. And give them credit for that.”

On that being a key to the game:
“That was a very important part of it. I thought we were able to play off of it. It got other guys good looks. We were able to find other guys. I thought we had some really good looks that we just didn’t knock down today, but credit them for that.”

On what happened after cutting lead to four:
“We cut it to four, and we were in a possession of zone. Dwight had four fouls, so he really couldn’t pick up a foul at that point because it was right under the four-minute time out. We got driven and it was a layup, literally the young man #32 [Retin Obasohan] hit a layup driving to the basket. It was a big basket, a big play. Credit the kid for making that play against the zone. It’s hard to drive zone, but he got all the way to the basket and was able to finish.”

On Obasohan’s being on their radar:
“Absolutely. We knew who he was. He made a good play, and Dwight couldn’t pick up his fourth so he couldn’t come over and take the charge. It was a 50/50 play. With that much time left in the game I wouldn’t want him gambling that down by four. It’s a bang-bang play. Is it a charge? Is it a block? So he came over and he put his hand up, but he didn’t make the play that he would have normally have made in zone if he weren’t in foul trouble.”

On impact of foul trouble:
“That plays a part of the game – getting to the free throw line plays a big part. And of course Dwight picking up early fouls in the first half hurt us some too, but you have to manage those things. I thought we did a good job of getting out of the half not down by that much – I think down by eight. And I thought we managed that pretty well and came back the second half fresh.”