Alabama Men's Basketball Quotes vs. Auburn - March 1



March 1, 2014

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Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant Opening statement: “Obviously anytime our teams get together there is going to be a lot of emotion and a lot of passion. You could feel that from the very beginning. I thought our guys responded really well and were able to build a little bit of a lead. From that point I thought defensively we really set the tone and were able to get out in transition. In the second half our challenge was to continue to play and continue to fight. Outside of rebounding, I thought our guys were able to seize the opportunity and take advantage of the opportunities they gave us on the offensive end. I thought we were really good from a defensive standpoint. You can look at the numbers and compare that to what they shot from the field. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good performance.”

On Alabama’s defensive effort: “The guys did a great job. Obviously with their personnel - in terms of what they have been able to do all season long especially in the SEC with (KT) Harrell and (Chris) Denson - we knew we had to do a good job of trying to limit those guys. Obviously foul trouble played a part in that as well in terms of them picking up some fouls. But I thought our guys were locked in in terms of what we needed to do to limit their opportunities. Thankfully for us, we were able to get some shots to fall and get into a rhythm to stretch the lead.”

On Releford’s performance: “Trevor (Releford) was tremendous. I really thought at both ends of the floor he was really focused, really locked in to what we needed to do. He was extremely vocal out there and that was great to see him have success with the work he puts in. Just really happy with him and happy for our team.”

Junior Guard, #20 Levi Randolph

On how their last game against Auburn affected this game: “We just used it as a learning lesson. We tried to look back on the things that we did wrong and the things that we could’ve done better. We tried to use that for the next time we played and tried to go out and get the job done.”

On how he played throughout the game: “We just tried to be aggressive. Coach (Anthony Grant) always tells us to play with confidence and go out there and let the game come to us. It starts on the defensive end and if we get stops then we can get out in transition and get easy baskets and the game will come easy.” 

Senior Guard, #12 Trevor Releford

On Levi Randolph: “Levi (Randolph) came out there with great confidence. He was really taking what the defense was giving him. I credit Levi for stepping up and hitting some big shots when we needed them. That’s the kind of energy we all feed off of.”

On how his injury affected his performance: “I’m not 100 percent, but I can play, no excuses, win or lose. I was ready to play today.”

Auburn Head Coach Tony Barbee Opening statement: “It was just one of those nights, everybody has them.  You’re not going to win a lot of games shooting 27 percent on the road.  There’s a way you can - you don’t let the other team shoot 49 percent.  You have to guard regardless of whether your offense is going or not.”

On issue with the starters, did the team have enough energy: “Our energy wasn’t where it needed to be, that was clear.”

On out-rebounding offensively but not converting: “That’s fool’s gold though when you look at the stat sheet and you had 20 more shots on goal than them. All that means is you missed a lot of shots.  So that’s fool’s gold when you look at that stat sheet.  Our energy wasn’t where it needed to be.  We knew their energy was going to be high; we talked about it and worked on it for the last two games.  It was the reason why in Auburn we played the way we did, because our energy was higher than theirs.  I said if we come out today and we match their energy than it was going to be even.  But we couldn’t catch up to where their energy was.”

On being 1-9 away from home: “We competed, but we didn’t make a whole lot of shots.  I thought we played back on our heels because we were playing on the road.  Basketball is basketball - whether you are at home, on the road, or playing in the park.  You have to come with a certain mind set and ours wasn’t there today."

#1 KT Harrell, Guard

On if the Alabama zone bothered them in the first half: “Yeah, I think we were being too passive.  We weren’t driving the ball like we should.”

On the tough night for Auburn’s leading scorer Chris Denson : “CD (Chris Denson) has been playing well all year.  You are going to have rough games and you aren’t going to shoot the ball well every day as a team, but it is really about defense. We weren’t prepared defensively like we should have been. We prepared, but we didn’t go out there and guard.”

On if they expected the success Alabama had from the three point line: “They shot pretty well. I can’t say we really expected them to shoot as well as they did.  But they had really good looks and kudos to them for making them, but that was because we had a lot of defensive breakdowns and they were able to step up a make shots.”