Quotes from Tonight's Win over Auburn



Feb. 26, 2013

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Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant

Opening statement:

“The effort by our guys was really good. I thought they were locked in. We talked about the importance of every game going forward, but obviously any time you get a chance to play your in-state rival that adds a different meaning. Our guys were really locked in early; very similar to the last time we played them. From a defensive standpoint, I thought the first half we really controlled that. Offensively we really struggled to get shots to fall, but it was great to see the improvement that we’ve made from twenty days ago because we didn’t let it rattle us. We continued to defend, stay the course, and we were able to find some offensive success in the second half and build a lead. Trevor (Releford) did a great job tonight. He was locked in. He was focused. He was vocal. He was energetic. I thought it was contagious to our team. I thought Nick Jacobs came in and really gave us a boost. In the second half, Retin (Obasohan) was really outstanding with his energy and hustle plays. It was good to see different guys step up tonight, and be able to come out with the win.”

On getting Retin Obasohan playing time:

“(Trevor) Lacey picked up his third foul, I don’t know how much time was left. We took him out with three, and Retin (Obasohan) came in, and gave us energy and played really well. ”
On holding Auburn to a season low:

“That was a tough loss for us at their place. Obviously in the second half, I thought their energy and their effort was far superior to ours, so a lot of our guys remembered that. That’s the thing we talked about after that game, in spite of the struggles we had offensively, I thought the first time we played them we really guarded well in the first half. In the second half, we were struggling offensively, and we allowed that to affect us in transition, and we turned the ball over uncharacteristically. They did a great job of taking away some things that we had been getting from a defensive standpoint. We let our offense affect our effort and intensity on the defensive end. I think from that time, we improved. Going through our struggles from an offensive standpoint, we’ve managed to win games in spite of that, so I think we’re a better team than we were twenty days ago. Tonight, we struggled offensively in the first half, and defensively we were solid. I thought in the second half, we remained solid, and our intensity continued to go up, which allowed us to do what we were capable of doing, and basketball is a game of runs. We were able to get on a run there in the second half and build a lead.”

On remaining intense on the defensive end:

“I thought in the first half we had looks that we missed. We got into some late clock situations where we just did not play well, and we ended up with poor possessions, and I thought that when we were missing shots that we were capable of making, it kind of snowballed on us and we got a little tentative. So in the second half, my message at half time was ‘listen, let’s take advantage of when we get good looks. Trust your preparation. Go play. Don’t be hesitant. But that can’t affect what we’re doing on the defensive end.’ I thought the guys did a great job and responded to that, and I thought we just got great energy tonight and had a good focus level and a good win.”

Alabama Junior Guard Trevor Releford

On how determined was the team to get revenge after that loss:

“We were very determined. We didn’t like how it went down at Auburn, and this is our home court and we weren’t going to let it happen.

On if Releford has ever felt this confident shooting:

“I have been preparing better lately and coming into the game a lot more focused and when I am that focused, I have a lot of confidence in my shot.”

On if he has changed anything in preparations:

“Just staying on top of what coach has been saying. We are getting enough shots in practice and I think that is helping out a lot.”

On taking more pride in the offense or defense:

“Yes, because we are a defensive team – that is how we win games and if our offensive isn’t working, then our defense gives us a shot to win. That’s what we do.”

Alabama Freshman Guard Retin Obasohan

On the nerves in the second half:

“I just tried to stay focused, and whatever happens, happens. I want to do whatever I can to help the team win.”

On the success in transition on the dribble drive:

“Yes that is something we have been working on. Coach (Anthony Grant) has just always said I have to push the ball and use my athleticism on the court. I guess today was just one of those days I was able to make some plays for my team.”

On the feeling of beating the in-state rivals:

“It is a great feeling anytime I can do anything to help my teammates.”

On what impresses him most about Trevor:

“His toughness. Yes he can score a lot of points and can be a great facilitator, but he is one of the greatest competitors I’ve seen in a long time.”

Auburn Head Coach Tony Barbee

On the defense Alabama played against Frankie Sullivan:

“He’s had a rough SEC season. It isn’t anything new or different than what I have seen all conference play from Frankie (Sullivan).”

On the contributions from Alabama’s Nick Jacobs and Retin Obasohan, and if it was surprising:

“No, they are physical players – [when] ball goes up on the glass, they go hunt it and they do that fairly well.”

On the play of Trevor Releford:

“All of their guards [have played well] – (Rodney) Cooper and (Trevor) Lacey and (Trevor) Releford – those guys carry the bulk of the load for their team and obviously Releford was going to be very confident coming off of that performance down at LSU. We talked about trying to limit what he gets done. Sometimes it’s not always easy with a very good player.”

Auburn Senior Center Rob Chubb

On the difference between the first time Alabama and Auburn played this season and this game:

“Our defense first game was more solid (tonight). They only had about 13 points in the second half in the first game. We kind of just let them get open shots that they were hitting tonigh. Once you let go of the rope a little bit, it just becomes a lot more easy for them to gather and pull the rest of the team.”

On Alabama’s defense:

“They’re always a solid team. They’re always really aggressive, hands-on – it’s never an easy move. When you’re driving the ball, you’ve always got somebody checking you - this, that and the other. So they’re always a solid team and we were trying to match their intensity.”

On the disappointment:

“It’s always hard (to lose), especially your senior year. We definitely wanted to get a win here. But it doesn’t always go how you want it to – hopefully we’ll see them in the tournament.”

On the decling offense since January:

“If you could put a finger on it, it would be easily fixed. People just don’t hit shots when they’re open and people aren’t creating how they should be. Get aggressive – whenever they start to go in the zone, they’re pretty much baiting us to shoot. So if people start getting shots, they’re going to get out of zone and they’re going to start guarding us more and more. Just aggressiveness on offense is one of the reasons.”