Alabama vs. Arkansas Post Game Quotes



Feb. 13, 2010

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Head Coach Anthony Grant
Opening comment:
“I thought our guys really gutted it out in the second half there. I thought three things: the ability to rebound the ball, get to the line and make our free throws and then obviously on the defensive end to get the stops that we needed to win the game, to me that was the difference today.”

On the first half struggles and responding the second half:
“I think every team has defining moments that you go through. We were struggling there in the first half. My challenge to the team was to find some fight and some togetherness and to come together. We found a way to do that tonight. I thought in the second half we came out with great energy. We were able to get stops and transfer that into points on the other end. I think with every minute and with every possession, our guys gained confidence and togetherness and at the end of the game it was great to see the communication, the togetherness and the fight that was on the floor. I thought our guys willed themselves to a win today.”

On the leadership from the team’s two seniors, Anthony Brock and Mikhail Torrance down the stretch:
“I thought both of those guys (Anthony Brock and Mikhail Torrance) really stepped up. Anthony I thought did a great job defensively on Courtney Fortson, did a great job in terms of attacking their pressure, finding guys or being aggressive to get shots. Mikhail had a stretch there in the second half where he really put the team on this back and really stepped up, did what a senior is supposed to do, and led our team. I thought it was a total team effort. I am certainly proud of those guys for the fight and the grit and staying together.”

On the play of JaMychal Green:
“I thought today that JaMychal (Green) was by far the best big (man) on the floor today. He really stepped up and met the challenge. Arkansas is very talented with their front court but I thought the things that he did today really helped our team. He stepped up to the line, made his free throws and did a great job there competing on the backboard and did the things defensively that we needed to do to limit their front court.”

On the play of and the rest of the team:
“I thought everybody did (have good minutes). Chris Hines is a guy when you look at this numbers, he scored three points and a big seven rebounds today. His energy and the things that he does that don’t show up on the stat sheet are huge for our basketball team. His fight and his grit were contagious to our basketball team, specifically in the second half. I thought Senario (Hillman) came out and gave us some great energy, some great defensive possessions there and really fought. It really was a total team effort. When you look at the stat sheet, I think our entire team really contributed today and really did things in a positive manner that really affected the game. It was a great team win.”

On the team’s upcoming week off:
“I think our guys needed this win. I think they have been doing the things that as a coaching staff we’ve asked them to do. It’s always good when you can see your hard work rewarded, so this is a good time for us. I think we can look at this and build upon this and get prepared here with our off week for what lies ahead.”

Senior Guard Anthony Brock
On the fight displayed by the Crimson Tide in the second half:
“The coaches tell us to come out every night and play as hard as we can and do the things that we’re supposed to do and it will come out in our favor.”

On having any doubt when Arkansas tied the game with around two minutes remaining:
“No sir (we didn’t have any doubt), we just keep fighting and keep fighting.”

On defeating his home-state school:
“I grew up a fan, a Razorback fan, so it feels real good. I am just glad we got the win today.”

On taking the ball to the hoop more today:
“It started to open up and we were trying to draw and kick out and get my teammates involved in the game.”

On guarding Courtney Fortson:
“I just tried to pressure and contain him and keep him in front of me. He’s real fast and quick so I was trying to do my best to keep him in front of me.”

On the difference in the first and second half:
“We just played better defense. We didn’t change anything. Coach just said to get over their screens and lock in on them.”

Sophomore Forward JaMychal Green
On getting a win after losing four straight:
“We prepared hard for this game, and we fought hard the whole way. We started off slow, but we finished in the end.”

On finishing the game today:
“This time we fought. We haven’t done the things we need to get done, but today we blocked out, we defended, and we got stops.”

On the difference between the first and second half:
“They were doing the same things in the second half. In the first half, we weren’t getting into the press in time, and they were scoring easy baskets in transition. The second half we stepped up our press on the defensive end and slowed them down.”

On getting to the line more often:
“Coach wants us to get to the line more. Today we attacked and knocked down free throws.”
Junior Guard Senario Hillman
On winning in front of the home crowd:
“It feels great. Everybody is happy that we got the win. We came out in the second half with more energy and just came to play.”

On being able to close out the win:
“We had to fight through it and we knew we had to do that. We were not going to lose this one. Everyone stuck with the plan and we came out with the win.”

On the message in the locker room at halftime:
“The message was to keep fighting, don’t give up, and just go out there and win.”

On containing Courtney Fortson:
“I knew I had to stop him from getting shots up and stay on him to make it harder for him to score.”

Head Coach John Pelphrey
On the game:
“I don’t think we played very well in the last two and half minutes, after we got the lead. I thought we had some fundamental things that we didn’t do correctly. From a defensive standpoint, the second chance points really hurt us. Life’s a hard road in the SEC. Alabama just played very well. It is disappointing. We had a lead late in the second half and just weren’t able to play well. They did a good job in the second half of getting around Courtney (Fortson) and making it hard for him to get to the basket.” 

On giving the game up in the second half:
“It certainly was disappointing. I don’t think we played very well. We found a way to get the lead, too, with three minutes to play. Over the course of the basketball game, fundamentally, this wasn’t one of our better efforts. There were some things we didn’t do well in the second half defensively like second chance points and not moving in a zone. From the offensive side, I didn’t think we operated very well. We put a lot of emphasis on whoever has the basketball, go make a play for us. That didn’t work for us playing on the road tonight.”

On lessons learned playing on the road in the SEC:
“You have to play 40 minutes in any game. You don’t want to play behind in any basketball game but on the road it’s a bit more challenging. It was a good environment. Alabama has a very good team here. They obviously have challenged everyone at home and on the road.”

On Alabama going to the free throw line:
“They had a nice little spurt there to end the game. We took a one-point lead then they got a big three because we didn’t rotate up on the zone. That’s part of it. They get to win because they played better in the last 15 minutes.”

Freshman Forward Marshawn Powell
On not losing a game in three weeks and losing today:
“It just put us back to reality. We just have to keep working. We just got real lazy.”

On losing one and still being in first place:
“It isn’t a good feeling, losing. We are just going to get back in the gym and work. We are going to respond like we always respond. Just come out and play.”

Sophomore Guard Rotnei Clarke
On what happened after playing a good first half:
“When they made their run I feel like we backed off and that took some of our intensity. It’s tough because we felt like we had that game won, and they hit us with a big run and I feel we just slacked off after that.”

On the frustration of losing after a double-digit lead:
“It’s really frustrating especially to lose period, but knowing we were in control of the game for most of it, and them making a run like that and taking it away from us is really frustrating.”

On Brock’s shot for Alabama to take the final lead:
“It was a big shot and we had some miscommunication to where he was wide open. It was a big shot for him to knock down and he knocked it down.”

On the importance of a bounce back:
“We have to be able to bounce back and put it behind us and be ready to work. I think we will respond well. The coaches are good at getting us to respond. We talked about it in the locker room. We are just going to bounce back and prepare for the next game.”