Alabama - Mississippi State Postgame Quotes



Feb. 2, 2011

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Head Coach Anthony Grant
Opening statement:
"I'm very proud of our team. It was a great win to go 2-0 against Mississippi State. We've obviously got a lot of respect for their program and it was a great win for our guys."

On the Tide being focused from the start:
"We got off to a good start. I thought our defense carried us early. They switched to zone and we kind of hit a low there. I don't know how long we went without scoring a basket but we were able to get to the free throw line then and closer to the half we got some shots off to get us a good lead through the half."

On Trevor Releford's performance:
"You've got to love those numbers. Any time you see eight assists and two turnovers at the point guard position going against the veterans that he was going against tonight, that's really impressive. I thought he did a great job of controlling the tempo of the game in both halves. He was a steadying force for us when the ball was in his hands. He did a good job of getting the ball where he needed to."

On Releford's defense and being a freshman:
"It's good to see. He had a very tough task today going against one of the best point guards in our league in Dee Bost. I thought he did a very good job very early. From a schematic standpoint understanding what we had to do as far as limit his looks, I thought our team was really focused in terms of what we had to do transition defense wise, ball screen defense and things that we needed to be able to take away from them."

#24 Charvez Davis, Guard
On having five three-pointers during the game:
"I wouldn't really say tonight was my night, but I just got a couple to fall early on. I was kind of aggressive but I had to calm myself down and just feel the game out and just play within the team and they did a good job finding me. Trevor (Releford) did a good job finding me and it I just had to go from there."

On how tough it was to lock in on MSU:
"Coming in, we already knew it was a good team. I think fatigue kind of got the best of us while we were out there playing but we never gave up. We kept playing and fought hard and we came out with a victory."

#5 Tony Mitchell, Forward
On high-energy plays and the team's defensive play:
"I credit my team for playing great defensively. We got stops and they gave us a chance to get out and transition a little bit and make moves. That's what we basically do is play hard defensively and get out there and equal our transition."

On how big is it to defend your home court after winning on MSU's court:
"We knew MSU was going to come out fighting and they fought the whole game so we prepared ourselves to stick it out and face adversity and fight through."

On Trevor Releford's game tonight:
"He stepped up today like a better player should do and he is starting to show signs of a veteran."

Head Coach Rick Stansbury
Opening statement:
"I have to give Alabama the credit. They did the things and made the plays you have to make to win a basketball game. They are playing awfully well right now which is why they are sitting where they are in the league. I don't think we ever really got going. Sid (Renardo Sidney) picked up two fouls to start the game and the rest of that half was just not very good for us. Again, when you dig yourself a hole on the road it's tough to come back and that's kind of what we did."

On having to deal with Sidney sitting out the second half:
"I think you know he is kind of important as to what we wanted to do. If you ask me if I would rather him be on the court or by us obviously I want him on the court. Does it change the outcome of the game? I don't know the answer to that. But we would much rather him on the court than sitting beside us."

On what MSU was not doing at the beginning of the game and the end of the second half with the similar type stretches:
"I know Sid missed that layup at the start of the second half. First half I don't remember exactly what happened I just know that Sid got those two fouls right off the bat that changed a lot of things we were trying to do that's for sure."

On struggling to handle ball pressure early:
"We turned it over way too many times in the first half. I think we had twelve turnovers in the first half and two in the second so we just didn't seem to handle things very well. I think we all got shook up a little bit and they jumped on us. We just didn't play with the right poise. Second half, like I said we had two turnovers in the last twenty minutes."

On expressing concern about Alabama's front line:
"Releford played good and really managed the game. He made the plays he had to make. He just does what he is supposed to. Green has been really playing well for them but hey Mitchell is a guy that gets a lot done out there too. They are playing really well as a team and play awfully hard."

#3 Dee Bost, Guard
On the big runs from Alabama at the start of each half and playing catch up after that:
"Well just give them a lot of credit. They made big runs and knocked down all the shots. Give the credit to them and we just didn't play hard I guess."

On Renardo Sidney picking up the two early fouls:
"It hurt us a lot. You saw what he can do when he comes into the game. He can just score at will so yeah it hurt us a lot. We just need to keep him out of foul trouble."

#2 Ravern Johnson, Guard
On the big runs from Alabama at the start of each half and playing catch up:
"It was real difficult to come back from those. They were at home, they got the momentum and they are playing really well right now. To come here and get down early was tough. We tried to chip away at it but they kept making big runs so it was hard to get back in the game."

On how difficult it was to get into a rhythm on offense when they were pressing and being aggressive early:
"They were pressing and getting into us the whole game. They made us take a lot of contested shots. We just had to try and come back and make plays but every time we did they came down and made a play off of it."