Alabama vs. Arkansas Postgame Quotes



Jan. 31, 2013

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Arkansas Head Coach Mike Anderson

Opening Statement:

"Obviously I was disappointed that we came up a little short, but I told our guys I loved the effort and they didn't lose it - we just ran out of time. Alabama did a good job of making free throws down the stretch. Even in the second half, I thought our defense was a lot better limiting them to field goals and disrupting them on offense - I thought we did a good job. The game went down to the last second. I told our guys, we have to make plays down the stretch and we didn't. Whether it is that [Andrew] Steele shoots the ball and we have to get that loose ball - that rebound. We just couldn't quite make those plays."

On if rebounding played a factor in tonight's game:

"I thought right there at the end, it really did - in the second half. There were opportunities that we were right there in position for and we didn't come up with them. It goes back to `the games are won in the paint' and of course neither team shot the ball really well - we shot 15 percent from three-point land, three-out-of-19, they were three-of-11. So with that being said there is going to be a lot of rebounds and they did a good job of getting offensive rebounds and they won it at the free-throw line."

On Michael Qualls's play tonight:

"I thought [his play] was big for us. I think that is going to pay dividends as we continue throughout this season. We are looking for someone to breakout and really give us a big lift and he certainly did. I thought his energy was contagious out there. When they took a double-digit lead in the first half, I think he was one of the ones that really sparked us. We have to have guys with energy on our basketball team, and that was a big lift off the bench."

Arkansas Freshman Guard Michael Qualls

On what was the difference in the game:

"The difference in the game was basically just who wanted it more. We tried to come out - we tried to give our best effort but, you know, we fell short. That's basically what I saw."

On difference between this and other road games:

"Basically all you need is a coach who believes in you and an opportunity and basically (Mike Anderson) just gave me an opportunity and I just took it and ran with it. But I could have did more. There were some big time rebounds that I didn't get, some steals that I think I could have gotten, so I'm not too impressed with my game to be honest. I know I could have given more, but it did do me some good to see that our team was playing better."

 On whether this game had different feel than other road games:

"It had a very different feel. You know, we probably didn't get the shot that we wanted, but at the same time, going down the stretch, I missed the dunk. Had I made my dunk, then we're down by one and we could have maybe gotten a better shot."

Arkansas Sophomore Guard BJ Young

On being in this road game until the very end:

"It was okay. We fought. We didn't get it done. I could have made some plays down the stretch. We made a couple; we didn't make enough, but we fought hard."

 On how this game was kept close:

"We played a little bit better defense. We rebounded better. We stayed together and we made plays on the court. We didn't make enough tonight, but we made some of the right plays to get back in the game."


Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant

Opening statement:

"We found a way to win. It wasn't pretty. There were obviously thing in the game we would have liked to have done differently, but at the end of the day when it came down to crunch time, our guys found a way. We did a great job at the free-throw line tonight. We had some big stops at the end of game. We found a way."

On rebounding:

"In the first half we didn't do a very good job rebounding the ball. Nine of their 23 points in the first half were second-chance points off offensive rebounds. That was a key for us. We felt like we had 10 turnovers, giving up six offensive rebounds in the first half and we felt those were critical. In the second half we had 11 defensive rebounds and they got eight offensive rebounds. Many of those came late in the half.

I thought we did a much better job down the stretch of fighting for rebounds and coming up with those loose balls.

It seems like we got out of rhythm somewhere late in the first half, the last four or five minutes. We got out of rhythm and stayed out of rhythm the rest of the game. I give Arkansas credit. They did a good job switching, pressuring and taking us out of the stuff we wanted to run. We had a difficult time running plays, but when it came down to it we just had to go make plays. We were able to make enough of them at the end to win."

 Alabama Sophomore Guard Trevor Lacey

 On what it means to pull out the win on such a close game:

"It's great knowing that we can execute at the end and knowing that we can finish them off when we had the lead and step up and make plays at the end and defend and turn them over. "

On how tough it will be to play Vanderbilt in just two days:

"I think the biggest thing is for us to learn personnel, just try to learn as much as we can about their players and what they do. We probably won't be able to go through all their actions and what they like to run throughout the game, but we just need to know personnel tendencies."

Alabama Sophomore Guard Levi Randolph

On what it means to pull out the win on such a close game:

"It's a good feeling to know that when adversity hits us we can fight through and keep playing for a full forty minutes. Like Coach (Anthony Grant) always says, it's a forty minute game. Sometimes things are going to happen, but we just have to continue to play through."

On how tough it will be to play Vanderbilt in just two days:

 "I think this is the first time this has happened this season. We just have to get focused, come in tomorrow and practice and do the things that Coach is asking us to do."