Alabama-LSU Postgame Quotes



Jan. 29, 2011

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Recap |  Box Score |  Photo Gallery 

Alabama Head Coach Anthony Grant
Opening statement:
"Well I thought our defense really set the tone of the game. In both halves we put together 40 minutes of the way we have to defend. Give LSU credit, I thought they came out very aggressive, played the majority of the game in man-to-man and did a very good job. They were physical and took away some things from us early, but I'm proud of our guys as they remained patient and undisturbed. The defense was carrying us through the first half and I knew if we continued to defend we would have some opportunities in transition and get some easy baskets and I thought that's what we did in the second half."

On only having 12 turnovers while forcing 18 by LSU: 
"I thought we had some early ones that were bad turnovers. We got out in transition in the second half and turned it over a couple times, but for the most part I think our guys did a good job of understanding that we had to value the basketball. I talked to the guys about some things we worked on this week so you see some improvement in those areas and I'm very happy with the rebounding numbers. I thought we did a great job of giving them one shot and limiting them on the offensive glass. I think we were plus 19 on the glass tonight which is outstanding."

On the play of Andrew Steele:  
"Andrew did a great job tonight and the thing with him is he comes in and he understands what needs to be done on the court. He has an extremely high basketball IQ, whether it's taking an open shot or just making a play on the defensive end or making the right rotation. He has a knack for that and certainly I thought he was very good tonight."

#22 Andrew Steele, Guard
On his big contribution: 
"It felt like a long time since I have been able to play quality basketball and it feels nice to make a big contribution to our team tonight."

On what impacted the game the most: 
"Our defense finished well and we stuck to our game plan to help us keep our momentum and secure the victory."

#1 JaMychal Green, Forward
On the technical foul situation: 
"It was a very physical game and I just lost my cool because their defenders were very aggressive, but I should not have let it get to me."

On scoring in the pant: 
"Their defenders were very physical, so I had to use my quick moves to get myself free. I also used my body to get their players in foul trouble so I could knock down my free throws."

On getting a big lead: 
"We came out slow to start off the game keeping the score close, but in the second half we started to push the ball and pressuring them on defense leading to the wide margin of victory. The energetic crowd was definitely a positive for our team as we started to build our lead."


LSU Head Coach Trent Johnson
On the difference in the game: 
"We had a little problem with toughness. We were playing against the same guys we did in the first half. Just the second half, they came out and wanted it a little more than we did and we broke down our execution. This team is the same. When we miss all our shots, it puts a lot of pressure on us because we can't stop people who are in front of us. The difference in the game was on the glass. They were physical. They've got a lot of swagger to them, which is good."

On how good the defense was compared to other teams he has seen in his career: 
"No they're not one of the best I've seen. Let me qualify that. I was in the PAC-10 three years ago. And there were 26 kids competing in the PAC-10 on various teams that are in the NBA so, no. It's good. Probably one of the better teams in this league, but certainly not one of the best teams I've seen personally. I've been coaching twelve years. The UCLA group that had Kevin Love, Russell Westbrook, Darren Collison, Luke Baddour (was the best I've seen). We had to play them in the second round of the PAC-10 championship and they were a pretty good defensive team."

On the altercation and officiating with respect to JaMychal Green and Malcolm White:
"You're going to have to (ask) the stripes. I don't know. It's a physical game. I don't want to comment on that. Whatever I say, someone is going to make a mountain out of a mole hill. My wife tells me not to respond about officials. You would have to go over there and ask them."

On where LSU goes from here:
"We've got a young group. We are going to continue to fight. When we get scoring back in the paint, and get healthy, we are going to make a push and surprise a few people down the stretch. Trust me when I tell you."

#21 Matt Derenbecker, Forward
On the outcome of the game:
"I think we came out with good intensity, which we've needed to do the past couple of games. Going into the half we weren't shooting well but we only had a seven-point deficit and thought we were in a good position to make a run, cut the lead down and eventually take control of the game, but unfortunately it was the opposite. They made a run and we caught up. I think we were only down three at one point but things started getting physical. The ball started bouncing their way and we weren't hustling like we should have been. The officials always give calls to the aggressor and they were more aggressive than us. We were never able to recoup after they came out and hit us in the mouth."

On the factors of the loss:
"It wasn't just one thing. It was a combination of things. It was a combination of not shooting well, being out-played and out-hustled and being on the road. Once their crowd got into it in the second half we knew we were in trouble. They had a couple of big dunks. We never gave up, but we kind of felt like the game was getting away from us. They're a good, solid defensive team. The officials let them use their hands a lot because they've earned the respect of the officials so they're just a very physical defensive team. "

#22 Ralston Turner, Guard
On being back in Alabama for the game:
"I actually played a game here once in high school and I had a lot of family here tonight. It was very familiar, but obviously the game didn't end the way we wanted it to. I wish the outcome would have been different."

On coming back after two and a half weeks:
"It's hard to get in a rhythm, but at the same time I'm not making any excuses. Alabama did a good job on defense tonight. It was tough because we had to speed things up a little bit and made turnovers. They're good defensively. They like to speed the tempo up and press a lot. "