Alabama-Kentucky Postgame Quotes



Jan. 18, 2011

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Head Coach Anthony Grant
Opening statement:
"I am so proud of our guys. I think they came out with great energy tonight, the crowd was unbelievable. I think we set records again with the student attendance and we needed every bit of it. It was great to see our guys make the stops and pull out the victory"

On being in position to win this game:
"Our guys were really focused. All year we've hung our head on the defensive end. We felt if we locked in and kept them out of transition that we would have a chance to defend in the half court. The overall effort was tremendous."

On hitting the big shots against a team like Kentucky:
"The guys were excited. At some point it has got to even out. I don't think I had ever seen an SEC team shooting as poorly as we did from the three-point line. We made some tough ones; it was good to see some different guys step up and hit some shots when we need them too."

On what happened that allowed Kentucky to get back in the game:
"To be honest with you I think that's another area where our team needs to improve. You can never get too high and you can never get too low. Things are going to happen in the game. Our guys got wrapped up in the lead. There was a stretch in the game when we played tired. They were going to do whatever they needed to do to pull the win out."

#5 Tony Mitchell, Forward
On what the win means:
"It's big for the program. We worked hard every day in practice to try and come out the best we can on game day."

On the energy he brought to the game:
"I just helped my team as much as possible. I tried to do whatever I can to contribute to my team."

On what was going through his mind when Kentucky started rallying:
"We just kept our heads high. A good team like Kentucky is going to go on a lot of runs and that's what they did so we just came out ready for the punch."

#1 JaMychal Green, Forward
On his contribution to the game:
"I just knew I had to come out here and give it my all and that's what I did. I wanted to win badly and my teammates did a great job - on offense and defense."

On the importance of the win for the program:
"It's a big win. It's probably the biggest win of the season so far because people doubted us as a team and we're showing them that we can play anybody and we're a legitimate team. It's just a great win for the program."

On their confidence going forward:
"This win does a lot for our confidence, but we have to take it one game at a time. Tomorrow we've got to get focused on the next game."


Head Coach John Calipari
On the difference in effort between the first 25 minutes and the last 15 minutes:
"Obviously they man-handled us in the first 25 minutes and the last 10 minutes. I thought we got after them and played the aggressive way we have to play. We also executed offensively, but even then we had a charge coming down the court. We just have young guys and we made those errors today. The last four or five possessions we came down and won, we called a zone play and one guy says `I didn't know we were running that'. I mean that's young inexperienced guys. But you have to give Alabama credit. They came out of the gate, they stretched the game out, and they made the shots they had to make. They were muscling us around the goal and they hung on. They made the free throws they had to make down the stretch. And I kept telling my guys we got it to 13 and we broke down twice and they got it back to 16. I said if we get this to 9 or 10 points then we will have our chance to win the game. We fought defensively and did some good things but we had some guys that couldn't play in this game. But you have to give Alabama credit, they played well."

On what he was looking for on the last play of the game when Darius threw it in:
"That was to go to Doron so the other guy just said I'm doing this myself and grabbed it, but that was for Doron. I was going to sub and put Josh in because he knows that position better. But again you can put that on me because Terrence has not played that position much but that play was for Doron. And Doron was open but he bumped into him before he could get over the top. And what we wanted was a two dribble pull up so he would have taken a deep NBA three."

On how frustrating it was to talk all the time about getting to 50/50 balls and continuously see it not happen tonight:
"The biggest play I thought was when Green had it inside, missed a shot and tipped it in. That was like he wants it worse than you want it and even the last play when we were driving to the wing and we were going to do what we call a pitch or a pistol and the guy muscles Doron off. He just did not come off that hard. Those were the plays we will show on the tape and say this is why you lose ball games when they are close and we are going to be in a lot of close games."

#20, Doron Lamb, Guard
On Alabama's run stretching the lead to 20, early in the second half:
"(Alabama) came out and made some lucky shots to start the second half, shots that they don't usually make. They also got some calls that helped get them on that big run, but just as Coach (Calipari) says, you can't blame the refs. We knew we were going to come back anyway, so we didn't care about the run. We came back and they pulled it off in the end."

On how Kentucky fans should be reassured that this is still a good team:
"It is early and we're just getting better. We have a long run until the NCAA (tournament). We still have a chance to finish up No. 1 in the conference."

#12, Brandon Knight, Guard
On his thoughts of the game and how different UK played in the first 25 minutes compared to the last 15:
"We didn't come out with the intensity that we needed to and they came out fighting, ready to play, going after loose balls, coming up with 50-50 balls. They were able to get a lead and came out with more intensity than we did. They wanted it more than we did."

On his thoughts of the physical nature of Alabama and not being as physical on the road:
"There is definitely a pattern there. I'm sure Coach (Calipari) will adjust it in practice. In away games teams are coming out and playing more physical than we are and they are taking advantage of it."