Men's Basketball on Gametracker

GameTracker is a live statistical interface driven by the stats feed from official scoring computers at Alabama Crimson Tide sporting events. Many road games are also covered and thanks to Alabama's partnership with CBS Sports, a majority of road games (including all men's basketball and football events) are available in Gametracker.

Alabama Sports on Gametracker
November 29 W, 74-73 Alabama vs Notre Dame Gametracker
December 4 7:00 PM Alabama at Southern Miss Gametracker
December 13 5:00 PM Alabama at Clemson
December 16 8:00 PM Alabama vs Winthrop Gametracker
December 21 8:00 PM Alabama vs Oregon
December 29 7:00 PM Alabama vs Jacksonville State Gametracker
January 2 1:00 PM Alabama vs Norfolk State Gametracker
January 7 8:00 PM Alabama at Ole Miss
January 9 5:00 PM Alabama vs Kentucky Gametracker
January 13 8:00 PM Alabama vs South Carolina Gametracker
January 16 5:00 PM Alabama at Vanderbilt
January 19 8:00 PM Alabama at Auburn
January 23 1:00 PM Alabama vs LSU Gametracker
January 26 8:00 PM Alabama vs Tennessee Gametracker
January 30 5:00 PM Alabama at South Carolina
February 2 8:00 PM Alabama at Mississippi State
February 6 2:00 PM Alabama vs Missouri Gametracker
February 10 6:00 PM Alabama vs Texas A&M Gametracker
February 13 4:30 PM Alabama at Florida
February 17 8:00 PM Alabama at LSU
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