Alabama-Central Florida Postgame Quotes



June 3, 2011

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Alabama Head Coach Mitch Gaspard
Opening statement:
“Nathan (Klicrease) kind of did what he has been doing for us for the last couple of years. He had a great start today when we needed it and got us deep in to the ballgame. Offensively, we had good pressure. We were able to tack on single runs as we went along. We had an opportunity, I thought, to stretch it out a couple of times and we just weren’t able to do that. I thought Nathan and then Jonathan (Smart) came in and we stayed pretty well under control on the mound and defended well. Once we got the lead we were able to maintain it throughout the ballgame.” 

On the play at home in the second inning:
“That was a big play. They were obviously being aggressive and sent the guy and we actually threw the ball to third thinking we may have a play there and he wheeled him. (Brett) Booth had a nice transfer and threw a strike to the plate. I thought that kind of kept the momentum on our side. If they score there and get a run that may swing it the other way, so that was a big play in the game." 

On putting Josh Rosecrans in the lineup:
“One thing we have done all year, and those that have followed us have seen, we have been able to plug guys in. It seems like we have been able to get a little run out of certain guys once they have had opportunities and if they go cold we’ll plug in another guy and they will give us a little run. In Rosey’s (Rosecrans) case, BP (batting practice) has been really good for about a week and a half and Andy Phillips came up and said we need to go with Rosey and we did and obviously he had a big day today.”

#18 Austen Smith, 1B
On his performance:
“I’m just going out there to do what I can do to help the team.” 

#28 Nathan Kilcrease, RHP
On his performance:
“I got a good feel for my changeup early in the game and I let coach (Dax) Norris know. He just started calling it a lot. I had good movement on it and had good depth on the drop and I could locate my fastball pretty well when I needed to. My changeup has gotten a lot better; every game it gets better.” 

#6 Josh Rosecrans, DH
On Kilcrease's performanace:
“We couldn’t ask for a better guy out there than Nathan in this type of situation in a regional. He has been there and done it. He’s the guy we want out there every game." 

On starting for the first time in a month:
“I just think of this as another game. You just really have to stay ready. You never know when your time is going to come and when it does you have to be ready and take advantage of it.” 


UCF Coach Terry Rooney
Opening statement:
“Well I thought that was certainly an outstanding college baseball game, from the beginning certainly right through to the very end. Obviously (Nathan) Kilcrease, their starting pitcher, did a tremendous job. There is no question he pitched to the reputation that he has, an outstanding competitor. He made some big pitches, certainly when he needed to."

On his team's effort today:
“I thought our guys battled all the way through. Certainly any coach will tell you all you want when you get to that last inning is to get that tying or winning run to the plate and we did. That has kind of been the hallmark of our team the entire year, just battling all the way to the very end and I was very proud of our guy’s effort out there.”

#2 Ronnie Richardson, OF
On Alabama starting pitcher Nathan Kilcrease:
“He mixed up his pitches very well. On fastball counts he was throwing off-speed. Most pitchers throw a lot of fastballs but he was pitching backwards, keeping us pretty off balance. He did a pretty good job.”

#33 Jonathan Griffin, IF
On Alabama starting pitcher Nathan Kilcrease:
“He did a really good job today. He kept the ball down. He got ahead so he got ahead and kept the ball down. We chased those pitches. He is an outstanding pitcher and he shut us down.”

On the challenge ahead of them after losing the first game:
“Our backs (are) against the wall. We got something to prove. We are not going down without a fight.”

On the opportunity to get to the plate with a chance to tie or win the game in the ninth:
“We wanted that game more than anything. Right now we just got to flush it and worry about tomorrow.”

#16 Brian Adkins, LHP
On his outing:
“I was trying to keep the ball down in the zone and let the defense play. I think when the balls were up they did a good job of taking advantage of it and they kid of ran their offense the way the wanted to, as far as bunts and hit-and-runs and play the game how they play the game. I have to give credit to (Alabama) for taking advantage of their opportunities.”