Quotes vs. LSU - Game 1



April 19, 2013

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HEAD COACH Mitch Gaspard
Opening Statement
“Aaron Nola was outstanding tonight. I certainly tip my cap to him. When you face guys like him it makes it even more difficult when you get down three runs early in the game. This is the third Friday night starter we’ve seen that has an elite arm and that has been a real challenge. Scoring runs is a step that I think our clubs got to make and we’ve got to find a way to generate some offense against a really good pitcher as we saw in Nola. We are going to see another good one tomorrow in Ryan Eads that is very similar to what we saw here tonight. Offensively we’ve got to find a way to get some guys out there to create some opportunities.”

On the overall team frustration
“When you start out like we did and though we had some good opportunities against some good ball clubs but it is more frustrating that we are not in the game to the end. When it’s the middle of game, 3 or 4 to nothing, and our offense is not moving and doing a whole lot, we’ve got to get more competitive with our at bats, one through nine. From the pitching side we’ve got to be better in the front part of the game. You know when you facing an Aaron Nola that it is going to be a low scoring game and you’ve got to be good in all those areas. Over the last three Friday nights now I think we have not got off to the type of starts that you want to get off to.”

#5 Brett Booth, Catcher
On Aaron Nola’s pitching
“It’s what you’re going to see on Friday nights in this league. I think you see guys throwing three pitches for a strike wherever they want to. We’ve got to do a better job, were in a funk right now and it’s that part in the season when you can either fold in and let it beat you up or you can keep going and sooner or later it’s going to turn around. We are in the meat of schedule right now and we have to keep going. Sooner or later some guys are going to start stepping up and the middle of the lineup is going to start hitting and it’s going to turn around. If you sit back and let it beat you up it can be a long season.”

On the early deficit
 “Any kind of sport you want to get off to an early start and baseball’s a game of momentum. You want to get started early but at the same time when you get down early you can’t fold in. I think that’s what we’ve done the past two or three weeks and we’ve been disappointing when get down early and we just sit back and wait for something to happen instead of attacking the game. Leadership needs to step up now and we’ve got to keep going because sooner or later it is going to turn around.”