Game Two Quotes against Arkansas



April 5, 2013

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HEAD COACH Mitch Gaspard
Opening Statement:
"(Ryne) Stanek pitched really well and was as good as he was advertised, he had a really good night. As I told the team, we've got a lot of games like this in the SEC and we are going to see a lot of good arms, elite arms. At the same time, on our side you've got match that pitching wise and defensively you've got to keep the score down to allow your offense to get generated and get some momentum. Right now after two games, Arkansas has beat us up in a lot of different ways, but as I told the team, you have good weekends in this league and you have some rough ones, but you got to find a way to get a game. Obviously now, with losing the first two games, tomorrow's game is the most important game. We've got to find a way to get the offense moving, put some good swings together, and put some pressure on their defense. They've really been dominate in the first two games."
Thoughts on Arkansas multiple hits
"I think they had 11 last night and then 13 tonight, so yeah I think that is where we haven't been as sharp on the mound and to give them credit they've had some good passes and a good approach as well. The one inning some balls dropped in and that generated some offense for them, but to me with both nights we have been a team that has played on our heels a little bit and I think Arkansas' pitching has had a little to do with that. That is where we are as a team right now, to take the next step and battle to beat an elite team like Arkansas. We've played well for the most part in the league but the last two games a lot goes to Arkansas and the way they dominated us. We've got to show more fire and more competitiveness in all areas of the game"

Thoughts prepping the players to stay confident when facing a pitcher like Stanek
"They know as well as I do, he is really good. There is a reason that he is projected as one of the top picks in the draft and I think the biggest thing is that you're trying to learn how to hit him with every at-bat, whether you're a freshman or a senior. We are going to see some guys similar to him as we move down the schedule so all we can do is learn from our mistakes tonight and know that this does not work. We've got to change some approaches and try to do some things that we have to do to be more competitive and get more quality at-bats. This is a team that is still moving and learning, we are certainly not discouraged but always disappointed when we lose, but we are a better team than what we have shown the last two nights."

Thoughts on several strikes outs early in the game
"The one thing to me is that we can keep our bats up all night but to me it's getting on our hands. We can hit with our barrels all night, but 95 miles per hour will do that to you. It's one of those that you have to see and slowly adjust to, it's one of those things that is a part of the maturity of the group. We are going to see this again next Friday night with Bobby Wahl and a lot more guys like this coming our way on the schedule. LSU has two of them as does Vanderbilt and some other teams so for us it can't be a broken record. We have to learn from this weekend and get better from it so that we can compete in those games and have a chance to win down the road."

#7 Ben Moore, Right field
Thoughts on Arkansas's play that keeps team going
"Both those guys, last night and tonight, are unreal. They are good pitchers and did a good job of keeping us off balanced and missing pitches. I also think that our approach at the plate wasn't as good as it should have been and we didn't have many quality at-bats, but hats off to their pitching staff for pitching the way they have."

Thoughts on preparing for Saturday's game
"We had to come out here with a mindset to get after them. You got to have pressure every inning and we didn't give them much pressure offensively. We have to come out swinging"