Alabama - Arkansas Game One Quotes



April 4, 2013

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HEAD COACH Mitch Gaspard
Opening Statement:
"First of all, give credit to Arkansas. Their arms are really good and as they got into the bullpen every guy was low to mid 90's with good breaking balls.  I thought we did a terrific job battling in the ninth to give our self a chance.  Those guys gave all really good at-bats.  We have to carry that into tomorrow and be a little better earlier in the game offensively and also get that pitch count up a little bit.  We were a little sloppy out there defensively tonight.  They put some pretty good swings on Charlie (Sullivan) in the front part of the game and we were able to manage and keep the game in reach.  We have to play a little cleaner and get some better at-bats in the front part of the game and really build on what we did in the ninth inning there tonight."

Thoughts on the game
"Their bullpen was just terrific.  When their guys came in, Jalen (Beeks) was good; Chris (Oliver) was throwing 94 to 97, with a big league slider. Colby (Suggs) was also throwing 97 as well.  I think you have to look to the other side where you have to pitch it good and play clean defensively, not giving up anything.  When you have those chances you have to deliver a big hit in the spots."

Thoughts on Arkansas playing small ball
"They did a good job getting the lead off guy on and once they did that they were able to use the bunt game some and a safety squeeze. They put down a really nice bunt there and it kind of opened the game up for them to do a few things.  On our side, we weren't able to get that lead off guy on much.  And when we did, it's late and you're down two.  That's where in the front of the game we can get on that side of it and get that lead off guy on you can do a few more things."

Thoughts on Taylor Guilbeau's performance tonight
"I was very please with Taylor (Guilbeau).  Where he was the last two to three outings, to where he was tonight, we really need that guy.  That was really encouraging for us to see him go out and give us three clean innings. Tonight we really saw their best arms with the exception of Ryne (Stanek) tomorrow.  If nothing else we got a look at them so you kind of know what you're going to get.  I'm sure we will see those guys again through the weekend.  We haven't seen that velocity in a while, probably since Louisville.  Sometimes it takes you a night to get your timing back down again and to see that 94-95 pitch.  In the ninth inning the guys started to figure out they needed to sharpen up and get the swings started.  We had a couple of hard contacts there and fought off some pitches.  We'll get better as the weekend goes on, and our guys will come and be ready to go tomorrow."

Thoughts on battling in the last two innings
"I thought later in the game we gave better at-bats, no question there.  Barrett (Astin) is a different kind of guy.  He really sinks it and has a good slider.  You can't guess with him.  As soon as you guess the ball goes one way and then the ball goes the other way.  He can really make you look bad up there.  As they got into the bullpen, that's really when you saw the power arms and you can guess a little more with them as they come in."

#5 Brett Booth, C
Thoughts on battling during the game
"I thought early on we were a little sloppy on defense, and made a couple errors to give them two runs there in the fifth inning.  Early on we struggled and as the game went on we started putting better at-bats together. We kept competing and putting a lot of pressure on them all night but we couldn't find a way to get that one big hit.  In the eighth inning, we had runners on first and second, with your four and five-hole hitter up and you have to get a good at-bat there."

Thoughts on Taylor Guilbeau's performance out of the bullpen
"Taylor (Guilbeau) hadn't thrown in a couple of weeks and he came out and threw really well.  I think the last time he started he was trying to do too much. He was trying to be perfect.  Tonight he worked around the middle of the plate and just went right at them.  As you can see when he does that he's got really good stuff."

Thoughts on how to win tomorrow
"Clean things up defensively and keep putting good at-bats on them and we'll get that big hit.  If we keep getting runners out there, we're going to get that big hit and big inning.  Also keep pitching and playing good defense."