UA Compliance Committee




University Athletic Compliance Committee

The University Athletic Compliance Committee consists of all individuals who are key players in the shared responsibility of compliance and student-athlete eligibility certification. The Committee's charge is as follows:


  1. To review annually all matters related to compliance with NCAA and SEC rules and procedures;
  2. To review annually specific incidents in which NCAA and SEC policies and procedures may have been violated;
  3. To recommend appropriate remedial or preventive actions to ensure compliance with NCAA and SEC policies;
  4. To make an annual report to the President and the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee; and
  5. To fulfill other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the President.

The University Athletic Compliance Committee ensures that commitment to rules compliance is a central element in all personnel matters (wherever university personnel are involved in compliance-related activities). The University of Alabama and its Department of Intercollegiate Athletics are committed to operating within the framework and intent of all NCAA and SEC legislation. It is the responsibility of each University Athletic Compliance Committee member and appropriate designees outside of the athletics department to have complete knowledge of NCAA, SEC, and University regulations that relate to their duties. Each and every staff member with compliance-related responsibilities must accept ultimate responsibility for ensuring their conduct is in compliance with all such regulations. It is the purpose of the University Athletic Compliance Committee to facilitate and monitor achievement of this goal. All staff members outside of the athletics department with compliance-related responsibilities are responsible for comprehending and abiding by the University of Alabama compliance policies and procedures.

University Athletic Compliance Committee members and their appropriate designees must show a clear and unambiguous commitment to rules compliance as evidenced in job descriptions and an annual compliance performance evaluation and self-audit of their designated area.

The following individuals are members of the University Athletic Compliance Committee:


 Alabama Athletics Compliance Committee
 Name  Title  Email

 Michael George (Chair)

 University Registrar
 Dr. Hank Lazer  Office for Academic Affairs
 Jeanetta Allen  Student Financial Aid
 Dr. Joe Benson  Arts and Sciences

 Jon Dever

 Intercollegiate Athletics, Academics
 Joe Hornsby  Faculty Athletics Representative
 Mike Ward  UA Intercollegiate Athletics Compliance
 Mal Moore  Intercollegiate Athletics
 Mary Spiegel  Undergraduate Admissions