2013 Crimson Tide Indoor Opener
Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013
CrossPlex Indoor Track - Birmingham, Ala.

Map of the CrossPlex Indoor Facility

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Preferred Lanes Sprint Races:
Oval Races:
Weigh-In Implement room is located northeast corner of the Crossplex facility

Weigh-in times: Saturday, January 12 -8:30 a.m.-Noon

Only soft shell weights, or those that restrict bounce may be used at the competition. The games committee has the discretion to withhold any throwing implements that may endanger anyone associated with the orderly and reasonable continuation of the meet.
Facility Availability The CrossPlex Facility will be open at the following times
Pre-Comp workout: Friday, Jan. 11: 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Competition Day: Saturday Jan. 12: 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Event Check-In Athletes in running events must report to the clerk of the course 15 minutes prior to their event. Field event competitors should check in 90 minutes prior to their event with the head official at their event area.
Competition Warmup - No warming up will be allowed on the competition track (with the exception of the women's 60 meter hurdle finalists)
- General warm-ups will be done around the basketball concourse and/or outside the arena
- Specific warm up will be done in the warm-up room. Access to this area will be limited to 45 minutes prior to the athlete's event. Please be respectful of the warm-up room restrictions so as to create the best possible warm-up area with safety in mind.
- Field event warm-ups will be done at event site and conducted per NCAA rules.
Spikes -  Athletes will not be allowed to run if they do not comply with these rules.
- The only spike pins allowed on the facility are 1/4 inch pyramid spikes from MF athletics. Please contact MF at 800-693-6052 Item # 463A 1/4 inch pyramid.
- No needle spikes or Christmas tree spikes are allowed.
- No permanent spike shoes allowed.
- Spikes will be checked and marked before entering the warm-up room.
- Shoes will be checked again before stepping on the competition track.
- This is the industry standard. Please abide by this rule. If your athlete is caught wearing the wrong spikes, he/she will be escorted out of the facility, and your team will be banned from the facility.
Runway Markings White athletic tape is the only acceptable runway marker. Chalk is not permitted. 
Facility Details The competition track is a 200 meter banked hydraulic track with 6 - 42-inch lanes. Runway specifications are listed below

Inner Pole Vault Runway (men): Length - 45 meters/Width - 1.22 meters
Outer Pole Vault Runway (women): Length - 45 meters/Width - 1.22 meters

Inner Long Jump Runway (men): Length - 58 meters/Width - 1.22 meters/Board-to-sand - 1.00 meters
Outer Long Jump Runway (women): Length - 58 meters/Width - 1.22 meters/Board-to-sand - 1.00 meters

Inner Triple Jump Runway (men): Length - 45 meters/Width - 1.22 meters/Board-to-sand - 13 meters
Outer Triple Jump Runway (women): Length - 42 meters/Width - 1.22 meters/Board-to-sand - 11 meters
Training Room Standard training room modalities will be provided. For additional information please contact Bernard Burroughs at bburroughs@ia.ua.edu or 205-310-9554
Parking See parking diagram (Coming Soon). Please be mindful of all parking designations.
Shower and Locker Room Facilities Showers and locker rooms are available on site. Towels and toiletries will not be provided. The CrossPlex facility will close at 7 p.m. All competitors and coaches must exit the building at this time.
Team Seating General admission seating is available to all teams. Premier seating is ticketed and restricted to ticketed patrons
Special Facility Rules - NCAA rules will apply in regards to all headphone use.
- Only water is allowed in the warm-up room and on the competition track.
- Food is not allowed in the warm-up room or on the competition track.
Updates Please continually check www.rolltide.com for any updates and schedule changes.