Keeping Pace with Sarah Thomas

June 12, 2014

Alabama senior sprinter Sarah Thomas will run on the Tide's 4x100-meter relay in the final round of the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships, in Eugene, Oregon, on Saturday, June 14. Thomas, along with freshman Quanesha Burks and juniors Dominique Kimpel and Remona Burchell, ran the third-fastest 4x100m relay time in school history Wednesday during the preliminary rounds. Their time of 43.76 puts them fifth going into finals.

The University of Alabama track and field team has been making an amazing impact on whatever track we compete. We performed at the Southeastern Conference Championships, we fought our way through the NCAA East Preliminary to gain a position at nationals, and now, here in Eugene, Oregon, we are going to leave our mark.

It has been a long season. Some of us suffered from injuries and some of us battled to regain momentum after bad performances. Whatever the obstacle, we've paved our way to the national meet. Getting to the national meet is a victory in itself. It is an honor to compete with the best competition; it is an even higher honor to be considered the best competition. There are so many opportunities for us to score at this national level, so many opportunities for us to leave our mark, and we will do everything it takes to be on top.

One quality that I love about my team is our ambition. We have worked our way from being a small track and field team to being an impactful track and field family. The NCAA Championships are where we belong to be. We can outrun, out throw, and out jump any of our competition here, and we plan to do just that.

We have finally reached our destination of the season--Eugene, Oregon. We have put in countless numbers of hours on the track, and the time has come for all of our work to pay off.