Keeping Pace with Sarah Thomas

Feb. 26, 2014

Everything that we have worked for is for this very moment. Everyone is anxious for their performances. We have put in the hard work all season, and this is the moment that we expect to reap what we have sown. The SEC Championships is by far the most competitive conference championships in the nation, and we know that competing with the best of the best means that we must take our training seriously. We have been intently preparing for the SEC Championships, especially this week. We have fine-tuned our performances; making sure that our block starts, jumps, and throws are as close to perfection as possible.

The biggest goal this week of training, however, was not necessarily the physical training. The mental side of track and field is just as important as training. This is my fourth year on the team, and I am fully aware of the mentality that it takes to succeed in the SEC. Confidence is a must in order to execute each event at your very best. The coaches tell us "trust your training" all of the time. We have to believe that everything that we have done up to this point has adequately prepared us for success at the championships.

If we do not develop the trust in ourselves, our coaches and our training, then performing at the level we would like to perform is impossible. There are five teams in this conference that are nationally ranked in the top ten. We do not have room to be timid or hesitant in this competition. We know that we are going to have to be the smartest and the most aggressive on the track. Whenever we step on the track, or get on the runway or in the cage, we are there to win. It is our job to put forth our best efforts to win. One thing that Coach Waters says is that we may not win every event, but it is going to take blood and sweat to beat us. That is the mentality we are going into the competition with, and that along with our training, is going to be what will lead us to victory. ROLL TIDE!