Former Crimson Tide Diver Aaron Fleshner wins 1-meter Title Day One of USA Diving Winter National Championships



Dec. 17, 2013

AUSTIN, Texas - Former University of Alabama All-American diver Aaron Fleshner won the 1-meter title on opening day of the 2013 USA Diving Winter National Championships in Austin, Texas Tuesday night.

Fleshner won the men's title with 805.15 points. Scores were cumulative over prelims and finals, and Fleshner led by 37.70 points after the prelims. He extended his lead in the finals, winning his second national title by more than 100 points. Mizzou's Clark Thomas was second with 695.85 points, and Stanford's Connor Kuremsky scored 692.85 for the bronze.

Fleshner had the highest degree of difficulty of any diver in the field, and he capitalized on that. In the prelims, his inward 2 ½ pike, with a degree of difficulty of 3.4 - the most difficult dive performed in the contest - earned 78.20 points after receiving 8s from three judges. He earned 76.50 points on that same dive in the finals. He received 78.40 points on his front 2 ½ with one twist in the finals.

"I felt great. I stayed on top of everything and landed on my head 12 times. I was pretty confident with most of the big dives that I'm doing. I'm working on some bigger dives hopefully for 3-meter, and this was a warm-up for those bigger dives. It helps knowing that I can do really well on those warm-ups as I get ready for 3-meter," said Fleshner, who also won the 1-meter title at the 2012 AT&T National Diving Championships.

The USA Diving Winter National Championships continue through Sunday, December 22. Wednesday's competition features men's 3-meter and women's 10-meter preliminaries and semifinals.


Men's 1-meter 1. Aaron Fleshner, Alabama Diving, 805.15;2. Clark Thomas, Unattached, 695.85;3. Connor Kuremsky, Stanford University, 692.40;4. Cory Bowersox, The University of Texas, 690.20;5. Daniel Helm, Unattached, 676.45;6. Sean McKinney, Unattached, 660.45;7. David Bonuchi, Unattached, 652.60;8. Bradley Christensen, Stanford University, 626.50;