The University of Alabama is designated a "Flagship Camp" by UCA. This rating means that our camps have been recognized for their continued growth, high participant ratings, providing the best overall camp experience, having the best facilities, and for the special attention we pay to our coaches and camp participants.

Coaches, cheerleaders, and Mascots can expect:

  • TEAM BONDING - Staying and working together, learning to communicate as they are given responsibility
  • SAFE AND SECURE CAMP ENVIRONMENT - One of our major emphasis is to provide a very safe and secure camp experience. Our camp rules are both clearly and effectively communicated to all who attend. Good common sense is applied to all situations that may occur with the health, safety, and well-being of every camper. Participants will learn the latest safety techniques and will follow national federation and AACCA safety rules and guidelines
  • PARTNER STUNTS AND TRANSITIONS - Great classes for both. UCA partner stunt training teaches you hands-on spotting techniques. The Coaches also participate in the stunt, spotting, and qualification classes. We will offer beginner, intermediate, and elite stunt classes. UCA's cutting edge, creative stunt transitions are guaranteed to get your fans on their feet
  • PRIVATE COACHING - UCA staff members are totally committed to getting to know every member of your squad. They will work one-on-one with you and your squad setting realistic, yet challenging goals to ensure your camp experience is a memorable success
  • CHEER AND GAME PLANNING CLASSES - Your squad will learn Offense, defense, and general sideline chants on day one. Two or three cheers on day two. Then put it all together and participate in a game planning class on day three
  • PYRAMIDS - UCA instructors will teach pyramids and pyramid transitions in an open workshop format. This will give you and your squad the opportunity to personalize pyramids and transitions with a knowledgeable and talented instructor
  • COACHES PROGRAM - In addition to the classes for cheerleaders and mascots, we will be offering classes for advisors and coaches. These classes will cover leadership games, supervising a cheerleading squad, including stunt techniques, safety training and administrative skills. These classes will usually occur during the mornings of the second and third days of camp. Specific times will be available at registration on the first day of camp. Coaches will also be credentialed through our "5 Star Coaches Program"
  • EVALUATIONS - The emphasis is on achievement. Cheer and stunts are evaluated only after private coaching and review. There is never any pressure for competition
  • SUPERVISION - UCA Camp Managers and University of Alabama Camp Staff are on hand at all times during camp and in dorms to ensure the safety and security of you and your squad members