Athletics Communications

University of Alabama Athletics has become nationally prominent and internationally recognized while using all aspects of media to help spread the word of its many successes. Writers and broadcasters from around the nation and world regularly visit the UA campus to meet with student-athletes, coaches, and staff members.

Crimson Tide athletic teams are regularly featured in various sports media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television and web broadcasting. Athletics Communications staff members work closely with student-athletes, coaches and staff to fulfill these many media requests and usually do so in a timely manner.

The Alabama Athletics Communications Office provides media members with biographical information on coaches and student-athletes, historical and statistical information, media guides, photographs and much more.

The main purpose of this page is to assist the media in coverage of Alabama Athletics. If information is desired that is not available on this page or linked to this page, please contact the Alabama Athletics Communications Office at (205) 348-6084 for more information.

Alabama Athletics Communications
Coleman Coliseum – Room 170
1201 Coliseum Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Phone: (205) 348-6084
Fax: (205) 348-8841
Alabama Athletics Quick Facts
LocationTuscaloosa, Alabama
Enrollment 37,100 (Fall 2015)
NicknameCrimson Tide
ColorsCrimson and White
ConferenceSoutheastern (SEC)
AffiliationNCAA Division I
Director of AthleticsBill Battle
Athletic Department Phone(205) 348-3600

Sport Media Contact Phone Email Links
Baseball Alex Thompson (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Basketball (M) Aaron Jordan (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Basketball (W) Jessica Paré (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Cross Country (M) Todd Bell (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Cross Country (W) Todd Bell (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Football Josh Maxson (205) 348-3600 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Golf (M) Aaron Jordan (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Golf (W) Todd Bell (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Gymnastics Roots Woodruff (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Rowing Nathan Sheehan (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Soccer Aaron Jordan (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Softball Nathan Sheehan (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Swimming & Diving Roots Woodruff (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Tennis (M) Jessica Paré (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Tennis (W) Jessica Paré (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Track & Field (M) Todd Bell (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Track & Field (W) Todd Bell (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule
Volleyball Nathan Sheehan (205) 348-6084 Guide | Roster | Schedule


All interview requests by members of the media for University of Alabama student-athletes, coaches, athletic department staff or administrators are to be requested and arranged through the Athletics Communications Office. It is the responsibility of the Athletics Communications Office to arrange interviews in a timely and professional manner.

  • All interviews for coaches, athletes and administrative staff should be coordinated through the Communications Office.
  • The Communications Office must have an understanding of the student athlete’s class schedule, practice schedule, team policies and the head coach’s rules regarding interviews and other commitments the individual already has regarding the media.
  • It is understood as well, that all student athlete living, dining, training and dressing areas are considered private areas and that no member of the media is to be present in any of these areas unless they are escorted by a member of the communications staff. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Phone numbers of student athletes are not issued to the media. It is the responsibility of the communications staff to coordinate all phone interviews when they cannot be done in person.
  • Every attempt should be made by the communications office to see that all interviews are requested at least 24 hours in advance. This will permit the communications office to contact the student-athlete, get his/her approval and then finalize plans with the media representative.
  • As per SEC policy, student-athletes are not permitted to appear live on radio/TV talk shows or Internet chat groups.

Cooperating with the media is an important part of a student-athlete’s and coaching staff’s daily functions. Positive and educated responses to the interview process from student-athletes enhance the image of the University and develop vital communication skills that will help them in their professional or business careers one day. It is important that all representatives of the University Of Alabama Department Of Athletics be punctual and never misses an approved interview without contacting the communications staff first.

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