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In 1994, the Division 1A Directors' CHAMPS program and the NCAA Life Skills program joined forces to become the CHAMPS/Life Skills programs. This unique program focuses on five commitments that help student-athletes not only achieve present success but help facilitate future accomplishments as well. CHAMPS/Life Skills focus on academic excellence, athletic excellence, personal growth, career development and community service. The University of Alabama CHAMPS/Life Skills program offers a variety of programs geared toward each of these five commitments. In 1999, The University of Alabama CHAMPS/Life Skills program was awarded the Program of Excellence Award given by the Division 1A Athletic Directors Association.

If you have any questions about the CHAMPS/Life Skills program, please contact:

Jill Lancaster
Director of Life Skills and Community Outreach
The University of Alabama
P.O. Box 870357
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487
Phone: 205-348-6618
Fax: 205-348-9195

Academic Excellence

This aspect of the CHAMPS/Life Skills program focuses on supporting student-athletes in all aspects of their academic success. University of Alabama student-athletes have the best resources at their fingertips in Alabama's Center of Athletic Student Services (CASS), located in Bryant Hall.

Athletic Excellence

This component takes care of itself at The University of Alabama. From top-notch facilities to the most highly qualified staff, student-athletes are provided the tools needed to compete at the highest level.

Personal Growth

This aspect of the CHAMPS/Life Skills program helps student-athletes gain the skills they need to balance academic and athletic commitments, make critical life decisions and become well-rounded individuals. At the University of Alabama, the CHAMPS/Life Skills program and SAAC work together to bring in workshops and speakers to help guide student-athletes in this process.

Career Development

This commitment of the CHAMPS/Life Skills program is dedicating to helping student-athletes after their academic and athletic careers at The University of Alabama are finished. The ultimate goal of this component is to help student-athletes identify and work towards their future career goals.

Community Service

This component of the CHAMPS/Life Skills program focuses on facilitating community outreach opportunities for student-athletes. This aspect gives The University of Alabama athletes with a chance to make a difference and show their gratitude to the local communities that support them throughout their career.

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