Center for Athletic Student Services

One of the secrets behind the academic success for Crimson Tide student-athletes is Alabama’s Center for Athletic Student Services which is housed in the Bill Battle Academic Center and headed by Jon Dever, Associate Athletic Director for Student Services. The staff of 19 full-time employees is bolstered by five assistant academic advisors and more than 90 part-time tutors who work in the Battle Center located in Paul W. Bryant Hall. The facility includes study rooms with computers, three multimedia classrooms, and a computer lab. In addition, the Bill Battle Academic Center is home to the Susan and Gaylon McCollough A-Club Career and Leadership Development Center.

From the moment a recruit first walks onto the campus to the moment a student-athlete graduates with diploma in hand, exceptional and comprehensive academic services are available. For the first year at the Capstone, freshman and junior college transfers are required to attend nightly study hall sessions. After that, the attendance is based on the individual’s GPA and study needs.

The CASS staff works as a liaison between the Athletic Department and the University’s undergraduate and graduate divisions, as well as administrative offices. The staff makes sure all student-athletes are maintaining satisfactory progress toward a degree, monitors academic eligibility and offers career advice and counseling. The Coordinator of Athletic Academic Programs supervises tutorial services, hires tutorial staff and coordinates all other aspects of the academic enrichment program.

All of these services begin with the recruit’s first visit. The advisors set up individual appointments within the department of the recruit’s area of study, give the recruit a tour of the academic center and go over services provided by the Bill Battle Academic Center.

The dedicated staff can only give guidance and direction. Achievement is left in the hands of the student-athlete. If the student wishes to succeed in the classroom as they do in competition, then Alabama’s staff will provide them with every opportunity to achieve their highest goals.

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