Prospective Licensees

Types of CLC Licenses

The University own the rights to the logos, symbols, verbiage, and marks show trademark of Alabama. In addition, the University controls the use of those marks, logos, symbols, nicknames, letter(s), word(s) or combination of these that can be associated with the University of Alabama. Anyone wishing to use a University trademark or one which can be associated with the University must obtain a license. There are four types of licenses, all managed through CLC:

  • Internal Campus Supplier (ICS) - For companies which will produce products for on-campus departments and groups at the University of Alabama. With this license, a company is not permitted to sell products to retail. Royalties are exempt on most sales into this channel.
  • Local License - For companies desiring to sell licensed products bearing University trademarks, and whose businesses are based within the state of Alabama. These items can be sold to retail stores across the country and online, and royalties will be due on all items sold. Only institutions located in the state of Alabama are applicable to this license.
  • Standard License - For companies desiring to sell licensed products bearing University trademarks, as well as become licensed for other CLC institutions that fall outside the state of Alabama.
  • NCAA/Bowl/Conference Licenses - These are special licenses that are available to companies that wish to obtain rights to use the trademarks of the NCAA, bowl games, or athletic conferences for use on licensed merchandise, either alone or in conjunction with the University's trademarks. Licensing rights to these properties may be more expensive to obtain, depending on the event and the extent of the rights and product categories desired by the company.

How do I start the Licensing Process with The University of Alabama?

To obtain a licensing application, visit CLC’s website and click on Licensing Info. The Application Request page will allow you to submit a request for a licensing application. You can also visit the CLC website for information about the various Types of Licenses and Business Considerations involved with collegiate licensing. View the Contact Information page on their site for additional CLC contact info.

What is the Licensing Process?

Alabama Trademark Licensing evaluates each licensing application on a case by case basis and must grant approval of the completed application before any merchandise can be produced for retail sale. This process ensures that every product bearing the marks of Alabama will be of a high quality, and protects all parties, including the University, from future liability. The licensing process can vary in length due a number of factors outlined on the Timelines and Costs page.

Other Trademark Requests

If you intend to use the trademarks of the University of Alabama for a one-time, non-commercial use and do not plan on selling your item (i.e. a memorial), you can email Please include your complete contact information as well as the proposed use of the University's trademark(s) in detail.

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