Licensing Hologram To report an unlicensed product or vendor, please email cprice@ia.ua.edu.

Remember, to ensure that a product is licensed, look for the “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label and/or hologram sticker. Other signs of unlicensed or infringing merchandise may be

  • Product appears to be a very low quality
  • The University of Alabama logos are distorted or manipulated
  • Trademarks are used in a distasteful way
  • Vendor tells you the product is licensed, but the "Officialy Licensed Collegiate Products" label or hangtag is missing

Sports Schedule Licensing Policy

Sports schedules are widely distributed by the University of Alabama Athletic Department and through other sources. These sports schedules, in and of themselves on the basis of their informational content, are not covered by Alabama’s Trademark Licensing Department so long as the way they are presented is purely informational and does not otherwise represent a use of UA indicia.

Informational use, for example, would involve a schedule containing Date, Alabama, Opponent Name, Time, etc. all in the same font style and size with no special emphasis give to the University of Alabama.

Usage, particularly together with the logo of a product or company, in which Alabama is represented larger type or otherwise typographically emphasized, would be considered an infringement of the rights that the University has in its indicia. Similarly, use of any other mark or graphic associated with the University together with the presentation of a schedule would be viewed as an infringement. An example is the use of Bryant-Denny Stadium, campus landmarks or other identifiable campus elements. Use of the schedule in and of itself is not necessarily an infringement of University of Alabama indicia; however, this use in association with an image of Bryant-Denny Stadium or other campus landmarks would be considered an infringement. The same would be true of pictures of elephants or a generic elephant and its variations used in association with sports schedules.

In order to avoid any possibility of confusion requiring University action, Alabama’s Trademark Licensing Department is willing to review proposed sports schedule designs to advise whether the use would be viewed as an infringement of University marks. Please call the Alabama Trademark Licensing Department at (205) 348-9691 or email at cprice@ia.ua.edu.

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