Crafters Licensing Program

The Alabama Crafters Licensing program exists to make licensing agreements more affordable for small crafters. These agreements are a legal necessity when selling products with university logos and trademarks, and membership in this program grants you these rights.

Membership grants the right to use the trademarks of the University of Alabama for one year on 500 products or $2500 in revenue. Given that all conditions are met, the contract is renewable each year. There is a $100 annual fee and a $25 fee for 500 officially licensed collegiate product stickers, to be placed on all products. You will also receive an officially licensed certificate to place on your craft table at craft shows.

Interested parties should fill out an application and submit photos of the products they intend to sell. After reviewing the application, the University will either approve the applicant or contact the applicant to correct any problems that are currently preventing approval. Once approved, a contract will be offered detailing the terms of the yearly membership; after completion of the contract, the party will have membership in the Alabama Crafters Program and rights to use the trademarks of the University of Alabama.

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