The University of Alabama Kicks Off Crimson Tradition Fund


Monday, March 04, 2002

Mal Moore
Director of Athletics Mal Moore

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. --- University of Alabama Athletics Director Mal Moore announced today a $100 million fund-raising campaign for athletic facility improvements.

“Today, we formally announce to the public the Crimson Tradition drive,” Moore said. “The funds raised by this campaign will enable us to fulfill our goal of elevating our athletic facilities and complex to a pre-eminent status by raising $50 million from private gifts and another $50 million from the issuance of bonds for a capital improvement project that will total $100 million.

“Currently, twenty-eight of our most loyal supporters have joined together with the University to form the Crimson Tradition Committee.  To show their unyielding support, this group has pledged to floor this campaign.

“Each of these individuals recognizes that the improvements will not only positively affect our ability to recruit and compete in the Southeastern Conference but also understands the esthetic value the renovations and additions will lend to our campus and to the City of Tuscaloosa.

“The University of Alabama Athletic Department is also proud that at no time in its recent history has it asked for or sought state funds to help improve its facilities. The monies have come from self-sustaining funds, issuing of bonds; and in the case of the more recent completion of Bryant-Denny, the County of Tuscaloosa, the City of Tuscaloosa and the City of Northport so generously paid $4.5 million of the $37 million expansion.”

Recent installation of a new surface for the Hank Crisp Indoor Building officially began the upgrading process. Architects are currently working on the other projects and when plans are officially approved, the building of these facilities will begin.

The necessity of accommodating fans for men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics and volleyball will be vital in the architects’ plans for work on Coleman Coliseum.

The facility improvement plan will include the following:

  • Paul W. Bryant Hall will be totally renovated and converted into a spectacular, three-story academic support center that will assist all the student-athletes at the University.
  • In conjunction, a new 120-room dormitory will be built, which will house freshmen and sophomore football players as well as students from the School of Engineering.
  • The Football Complex will be expanded and renovated to include a new weight room that will cover 22,000 square feet, revitalized dressing rooms, a new squad room and recruiting center and additional office space. The current weight room area will be converted into an expanded and modernized training area as well as a state of the art rehabilitation center.
  • The Hank Crisp Indoor Practice Area is currently being refurbished with a new surface, the AstroPlay turf on which Alabama team competed at the Independence Bowl.
  • Coleman Coliseum will undergo a thorough modernization that will dramatically improve the venue including a new lobby, coaches’ offices, concourse and seating areas.
  • A new Tennis Complex will be built near the recreation center and a Soccer Complex, including a new stadium, will be built around the current playing fields.
  • All of the preceding projects have been approved by the Board of Trustees and the President’s Office. The north end zone area of Bryant-Denny Stadium will be expanded that would include additional sky boxes and a club level area as well as traditional upper deck seating.  A plaza area leading to the north end zone expansion will also be included.

The plaza area will create a landscape that will not only vividly enhance the appearance of Bryant-Denny but also the entire campus.

Heery International, Inc., who spearheaded the west and east side expansions of Bryant-Denny, has been retained to continue the development of The University of Alabama Athletic Complex. Heery is located in Atlanta, Ga., and further information may be obtained at their web

Also, PH&J Architects, Inc., of Montgomery, Ala., assisted in this project, helping develop the master plan for the facilities. For further information about PH&J call 334-265-8781.

The Crimson Tradition Fund Committee, chaired by Paul Bryant, Jr., is comprised of the following University of Alabama supporters: Owen W. Arnonov, Montgomery, Ala.; Randy Billingsley, Mobile, Ala.; Paul W. Bryant, Jr., Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Sonny Bunn, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Terry Bunn, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Angus Cooper, II, Mobile, Ala.; Gary Neill Drummond, Birmingham, Ala.; Elise Durbin, Birmingham, Ala.; Melissa Durbin, Birmingham, Ala.; William E. Ezell, Fairhope, Ala.; Wayne H. Gillis, Birmingham, Ala.; Joe Kelley, Nashville, Tenn.; John J. McMahon, Jr.; Birmingham, Ala.; Robert W. (Bud) Moore, Catherine, Ala.; Ozzie Newsome, Baltimore, Md.; Thomas L. Patterson, Birmingham, Ala.; Johnny Plott, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Farid Rafiee, Huntsville, Ala.; Ambassador Joseph M. Rodgers, Nashville, Tenn.; Richard Scrushy, Birmingham, Ala.; Britt Sexton, Decatur, Ala.; Bart Starr, Birmingham, Ala.; Ted Taylor, Prattville, Ala.;Michael D. Thompson, Birmingham, Ala.; Stanley Verciglio, Birmingham, Ala.; Duncan Williams, Memphis, Tenn. and James W. Wilson, III, Montgomery, Ala.

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